19th June 2023

How to Operate Bi-fold Doors from Both Sides

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One of the technical team here at Thames Valley Windows talks about How to Operate Bi-fold Doors from Both Sides.

Video Transcript – How to Operate (Solarlux) Bi-fold Doors from Both Sides

“Today, I am going to show you how to operate a Solarlux bi-fold door correctly.

First step is to pull the handle down to open the door. The most important part of any bi-fold door when you open them is to always ensure that the panel catch on the first door is always connected before you open the doors further. Make sure that it is connected.

The next step is to open the handle on one side. I simply push on the doors and when they’re at this point, I’m going to take my hand and slowly run the bifold doors back.

Make sure the Solarlux bifold doors are folded back all the way.

When you are ready to close your Solarlux bifold doors, place a hand on this door, pulling it towards you, minding your fingers! Once the bifold doors are fully together, handle engaged, pop the doors from the panel catches, down on the handle on this door.”


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