Solarlux Living Spaces

Whether it be a Contemporary Glazed Structure, Atrium or Canopy, our Solarlux Living Spaces open up your room to the outside and add wow factor to your home.

Contemporary Glazed Structure

Also known as a Solarlux Wintergarden, these glass rooms offer extra space and can be used for almost anything. Despite their contemporary appearance, they also suit older properties. The combination of old and new can work really well and look stunning. With bi-folding doors on at least one side, your new Solarlux living space can be fully opened up, creating that seamless feel between the inside and outside. The glazed roof features self-cleaning glass. The glass has a clear, invisible coating that reacts with UV rays. When it rains, the water spreads itself evenly across the glass and washes dirt away. The glass also reduces glare and heat in the Summer.

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Solarlux Canopies

The ideal addition to your patio to allow you to enjoy your garden, while being protected from the weather. The Solalrux SL Acubis Glass Canopy is a non-insulated, single glazing solution with an Aluminium fascia that looks similar to an orangery. It can be either free-standing or integrated into the existing house architecture using a wall joint.

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Solarlux Atrium

No matter what the British weather has in store, with a Solarlux Atrium, your living space is not only extended to the outside, but you can enjoy the fresh air whatever the weather! If the wind or rain makes an appearance, simply close the doors at the side for extra protection

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