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Thames Valley Windows is delighted to have achieved ‘Quality Partner’ status with Solarlux, making us only the 2nd company in the UK to become a “Solarlux Quality Partner”. Solarlux recognises us as a company that meets all its criteria in terms of product and technical knowledge, installation and company values.



Why Choose Solarlux?

Based in Bissendorf, Germany, Solarlux was founded in 1983 and is considered to be the market leader for folding sliding doors and glass elements. Company founder and owner, Herbert Holtgreife, is still involved on a daily basis and places the highest demands on his products in terms of design, quality and energy efficiency standards.

Solarlux is one of the only manufacturers of bi-folding doors that produce the entire system including door profiles, hinges and frames. This means that each component is designed specifically for its purpose which ensures that the product can achieve the highest performance and reliability. Most bi-fold manufacturers are buying in a generic profile and combining it with hinges and ancillaries from other door manufacturers meaning their components are largely sourced on cost rather than quality, basically producing a hybrid system.

In addition to the above, each and every door system sold by Solarlux is produced in their own factory at Bissendorf meaning they have ultimate quality control where as many large profile manufacturers are selling their materials on to smaller independent companies with less impressive track records and financial security.

Another measure of Solarlux’s commitment to quality is the high level of product training provided. As a ‘Quality Partner’ we have received the highest level of training for all our staff to ensure everything is prepared perfectly for the doors and most importantly the installers who will be responsible for making sure your doors are installed correctly and operate at their optimum level for many years to come

The desire to create living spaces filled with daylight is gaining momentum year on year and has prevailed on the international architectural scene with many renowned architects, developers and project specifiers all using Solarlux doors. The use of various materials (all-glass, aluminium, wood or wood and aluminium) enable a whole array of different designs, customised to enhance individual building projects.

The popularity of such products has seen the rise of many alternative options to Solarlux but sadly, as with most aspects of the glazing industry, these are built on cost over quality with most companies relying on an ‘Internet Shopping’ style purchase where their products will never be visually scrutinised.

These items will be one of the most expensive and defining features of your building project. Why compromise when you can have the best?

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