Vision20 Ultra Slim Sliding Doors

Are you looking to replace your existing patio doors with ultra-slim sliding doors? Our Vision20 aluminium doors have the thinnest frames and tracks, which can be hidden in the surrounding walls, floors and ceilings to give the appearance of a stunning, virtually frameless architectural sliding door system, so there’s not much to see but an unobstructed view!

Vision20 ultra-slim sliding door system is contemporary in design and characterised by its minimal aluminium sightlines of 20mm and large panels of glass for an impressive minimalistic aesthetics.

Through a combination of innovative design and advancements in glass technology, the Vision20 is at the forefront of achieving effects of light, space and vista. With the added benefit of thermally broken frames and tracks to provide high levels of insulation. It is the most invisible sliding door system within our product portfolio and aspires to modern architecture.

It has the design ability to create a breathtaking glass wall feature that gives maximum transparency using extra clear glass to significantly enhance the flow of natural light into both modern and traditional properties.


Minimalist design and aesthetics have never been more important in exterior architecture in self-build and home renovation/new extension projects. Large slim aluminium sliding doors with the greatest amount of glass and a flush threshold for the illusion of connectivity between inside and out are growing in popularity.

The balanced combination of Vision20 minimal detailing with outstanding thermal and acoustic performance is fast becoming the latest must-have luxury sliding door system for both architects and homeowners.

Visually appealing and on-trend, these sliding patio doors are designed with cutting-edge technology, engineering, and manufacturing techniques to create one of the most secure, weathertight and energy-efficient slimmest sliding door systems on the market.


The exceptionally narrow 20mm sightlines in the Vision20 system it provides unmatched invisibility to offer an impressive and contemporary near-frameless appearance that is hard to rival.

This sliding door system is especially suited for use in wider apertures it makes wall-to-wall and floor-to-ceiling glass a real possibility. The aluminium frame is bonded to the glass, ensuring extra stability, thermal insulation and security while offering incredibly slim aesthetics.

The product’s minimal design can hide the outer frame within the internal and external walls of the building, which means that a 20mm vertical mullion is the only exposed part of the frame between each large glass panel.


The Vision20 sliding doors system are entirely bespoke, custom-made to measure, choice of colour, and finish.

The doors are manufactured using precision-engineered aluminium and can be finished with a single or dual colour, marine quality polyester powder coating, ensuring that your new patio doors will offer durability and be highly resistant to corrosion.

Generally, consist of two or three sliding panes, which can all slide and overlap with one panel always staying in place, allowing greater flexibility in design.

The three-panel doors can open at both ends or the centre they can also offer a two-third opening configuration, sliding right or left with no fixed panel required.


Vision20 sliding door system can be recessed into a cavity or pocket within the wall resulting in an invisible, disappearing sliding door.


Don’t be deceived by the minimal sight lines; these large aluminium frames are available in maximum sizes of up to 2.5m in width and 3m in height and can bear the weight of a glass pane up to 320kgs!

Easy to operate, the smooth sliding movement is created by advanced rollers, and secure stainless-steel reinforced tracks that ensure the door panels stay safe and secure with quiet and effortless operation.

The Vision20 ultra-slim sliding door system is manufactured as standard with argon-filled toughened double-glazing and warm edge spacer bar to achieve the highest performance and temperature control, for enhanced insulation.


From contemporary to traditional, or urban to rural properties, our super-sized Vision20 ultra-slim sliding door system allows you to benefits from an uninterrupted view of the outside when open or closed. It gives the ultimate illusion of merging the inside and outside.

Glass is the most versatile space-enhancing material, by eliminating a brick wall or typical patio doors with the sleek design of the Vision20 sliding door system will transform even the smallest of living spaces.

The Vision20 is perfect for homeowners that want larger windows and doors to maximise indoor living space with the outdoors and for adding a spectacular feature with the wow factor.


  • Available in 2 or 3 pane sliding doors
  • Custom made to meet your requirements
  • Max. panel sizes 2.2 m wide x 3 m high
  • Ultra-thin 20mm aluminium frames
  • Hard-wearing powder-coated aluminium
  • Fully concealable frame
  • Triple track and pocket door options
  • Integrated Multi-point locking system
  • Flush tracks and built-in slot drainage system
  • U-values up to 1.3W/M²k
  • Wind Resistance Class C5 up to 2000pa
  • Water Tightness Class 7A up to 300pa
  • 10-year guarantee
  • 320kg max. weight per panel


If you are finding it hard to visualise the ultra-slim sliding doors in your home, we utilise our innovative 3D architectural visualisation service. Whether you want to see how the sliding doors look in a specific colour or you are undecided on a two or three-panel door system, this is the way to view it.

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