Orangeries in Surrey, Hampshire & Berkshire

For more than 30 years now, Thames Valley Windows have been helping our clients to design and build both stunning modern and traditional orangeries in Surrey, Hampshire & Berkshire that enhance not just their property, but their entire lifestyle.

We always aim to build orangeries in Surrey, Hampshire & Berkshire that will complement the modern life of our clients. Whether it’s in the form of:

  • A studio
  • Living room
  • Dining room
  • Bedroom
  • Kitchen extension

At Thames Valley Windows, we can use an orangery in Surrey, Hampshire & Berkshire as the basis for just about any new room or addition to your home.

Many of the homeowners we have worked with in the past have opted for orangeries that connect the main property to the outside world via a bi-folding or sliding door entry point.

The standard of everything from the design of the products through to the manufacturing, construction and installation you will get the benefit from Thames Valley Windows when you invest in a customised orangery in Surrey, Hampshire & Berkshire is second-to-none. We will fully support every step of the process, and as our standards for customer service are just as high as they are for the design and installation, we do you will benefit from a caring and thoughtful experience.

At Thames Valley Windows, our team are suitably qualified and skilled in all forms of architectural design with regards to bespoke orangeries. We can put these skills to good use to give you what you want, whether you’re looking for a classic traditional English orangery or something a bit more upmarket and trendier.

Depending on how complex, intricate and labour-intensive the work will be, we will either offer you support and liaison for the whole project or will help to provide you with the assistance you need if you are opting for your own choice of tradespeople or using tradespeople recommended by us. Our highly customisable service can involve any of the following:

  • Landscaping the area
  • Adding furnishings
  • Designing the inside and outside looks
  • Various kinds of tiling
  • Underfloor heating installation
  • Building works like screeding or plastering
  • Obtaining regulations for building and planning permissions
  • Calculations for heating and structure
  • A redesign of an existing space in your property, if necessary, to establish a natural flow between the new structure and the old one.

As with any work we carry out for our clients, we want the orangery we design, manufacture and install/construct for you to give you a new beautiful space to call your own that helps you to get even more out of life and your property, regardless of whether the sun’s beaming down or it’s a snowstorm.

How much will an orangery in Surrey, Hampshire & Berkshire cost?

It would be impossible or at the very least extremely inaccurate to try and offer you a quote for your orangery in Surrey, Hampshire & Berkshire without looking at and inspecting your home or even just speaking to you.
However, we can provide you with the reassurance that:

  • The quote we offer for any like-for-like orangery in Surrey, Hampshire & Berkshire or any other work will be competitive
  • We will issue you with a full cost breakdown with the quote, explaining all the expenses thoroughly and transparently. We will never add hidden charges or secret tariffs to the work we do.
  • You will always have access to our design team throughout the process for advice and assistance so that you have the most enjoyable experience possible
  • We can draw up a colourful 3D visualisation of any orangery options and design plans you are interested in to see if you like them or not before going ahead with any physical work
  • You will always get the benefit of the raw passion we have for the work we do and the assurance that any design suggestions we make will be for the good of the project
  • Encouragement to take a trip to our showroom so you can see up close and personal what the different frames look like, the shapes, the colours, handles and finishes. This will enable you to make smarter and informed decisions about any essential aspects of your orangery.
  • With Thames Valley Windows, you will have the full assurance that you are going to receive the finest work possible, thanks to our 30 years and more in the business, our ISO 9001 certificate and BSI accreditation

To find out more about how we can help you with your bespoke orangery plans in Surrey, Hampshire & Berkshire, please get in contact with us today!

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