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There has been a noted increase in the popularity of sliding doors in recent years, which has seen a resurgence in the use of aluminium profiles. Sliding doors in Surrey, Hampshire & Berkshire have evolved a lot over the decades, in terms of both their visual appeal and the technology and engineering behind their manufacture. Are you looking for a straightforward like for like replacement or interested in buying something a bit more eye-catching for your home as part of a bigger modernisation and refurbishment project? Sliding doors are an option you should give serious consideration to.

More Expansive Views of the Outside World

The combination of less vertical framing with larger areas of glazing in sliding double glazed doors makes them the perfect choice if you are looking to improve the connection your home has with the outside world. They can emphasise the views you have. Sliding doors will always let in as much natural light as possible, whether they are open or shut.

Differences Between Sliding Doors and Bi-Folding Doors

Compare sliding doors in Surrey, Hampshire & Berkshire with bi-folding doors, when the latter are opened fully, they need clearance space and because of the smaller panelling required, the openings for this kind of solution need more frames. You also need to think about the bi-fold door projection, whether they will be opening onto the patio or the inside of your home and how much space that’s going to take up.

With sliding doors in Surrey, Hampshire & Berkshire, however, you don’t have the same problem as they do not require the same footprint. While it’s true you won’t be able to open sliding doors to the full width of their opening, you still have a wider and more expansive and importantly, undisturbed view of the outside world than with bi-folding doors, whether it’s your back garden or the rolling fields set behind it. With sliding doors, you get what is essentially a sliding wall of glass that will not look out of place in properties of any style or age.

Wide Range of Different Sliding Doors and Materials to Choose From

We have a wide range of different sliding doors available here at Thames Valley Windows. We showcase uPVC, composite, timber and aluminium products, providing you with various options when it comes to their performance and the thickness of their profiles. We can work with any property dimensions and configuration you need and can even fit pocket frames and moveable corners. As a result of using only the most state-of-the-art design technology and the quality we offer, your sliding doors should last for a very long time indeed.

Some of the Sliding Doors Models We Offer in Surrey, Hampshire & Berkshire

As part of our uPVC sliding doors range in Surrey, Hampshire & Berkshire, we have inline sliders that can replace any doors and pair nicely with our windows options, if you are looking to install new windows at the same time. We can also cater for a variety of different periods; thanks to the various colour options we have on offer.

Our SVG inline aluminium sliding door system provides you with an option that offers a wonderful 35mm slim profile or a more traditional 83mm vertical profile. Each can produce a total u-value of 1.6w/m2k with double glazed units. It’s worth noting that because of the style and design of this slider, there are restrictions on the thermal performance, weight and size of panelling.

We also offer the aïr 20SL sliding door, which has an extremely slim sightline of a miniscule and impressive 20mm. This frame can be installed so it’s completely concealed to give an entirely frameless look and can achieve a 1.3 u-value. With the option to have a triple-track system installed, you can then have several different sliding doors combinations, with a choice of 2, 3, 4 or 6 pane configurations, and the frames can be finished in any RAL colour of paint.

Last, but not least, we offer a fully customisable sliding wall system, known as Cero from the high-end door and window company Solarlux. This is made from aluminium and offers an extremely narrow profile of just 34mm and has an amazing width that’s the equivalent of two fingers. This option allows you much bigger panel sizes (up to 6m tall!) giving you the benefit of fully panoramic views of the outside world. Your garden and the surrounding area have never looked so good!

Why Not Visit our Showroom?

We strongly recommend if you are serious about buying new sliding doors from Thames Valley Windows that you first come down to our Bracknell showroom. It doesn’t make much sense to buy doors online when all you are basing your decision on is a selection of high quality, but static images on a computer, phone or tablet screen. We have all of the above doors on display, so you can touch, feel, and see the quality of the operation of the doors.

We are here to help and are a friendly bunch who have the expertise to help you choose the right doors for your own home and unique taste. We look forward to meeting you!

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