Solarlux Cero Sliding Doors

Large-scaled, panels or movable Cero elements combine architecture, design and technology in one product. With its slim 34 millimetre aluminium profile, Cero is just two fingers wide! The concealed frames perfectly fit into the floor, wall and ceiling. The sliding windows are effortless to move – although the elements can reach a maximum of 15 square meters and weigh up to 1,000 kg.

Because of the different Cero system types 1, 2 and 3, Cero is also perfectly applicable in many different climate zones: Double-glazed Cero elements with or without a thermal break and triple glazing with a thermal separation are available.

Where does architecture begin and where does it end?

What does architecture stand for and what does it want to express? The basic definition of an indoor-outdoor relationship as well as the fact whether it shall stand on its own or be integrated in an existing structure, determine the construction project.

The fusion of indoor and outdoor through lines of vision, aspects and positioning is not in itself a typical feature of architecture, and might not be interesting for all construction projects. But nevertheless, the extent of this relationship should be considered as a quality indicator and many modern architectural plans consciously build upon this relationship.

Cero Design

In the creation of Cero elements, “design” means to make profiles and frames as slim as possible. Design is not a creative end in itself here, but rather the guiding principle in the realization of a formal, functional requirement – a high-quality combination of pure minimalism and high flexibility.

Beside the minimal frame profiles, it was a priority to create smooth running and low-maintenance elements whilst ensuring optimal reliability. All system components including sliding, fixed or corner elements can be combined in almost endless configurations. This offers an unlimited number of possibilities in creating a fusion between the indoors and outdoors to designers, architects and their clients.

Comfort + safety

Cero sliding doors creates space for relaxing. Thanks to a motorised control system, the sliding elements glide quietly at the touch of a button. Instead of simply admiring nature, it becomes part of the room. Smooth transitions seamlessly bring the outdoors indoors. Depending on the architecture and specific thermal and acoustic insulation requirements of the building, it is possible to integrate Cero systems 1, 2 or 3. Security is also not neglected! Cero sliding windows are certified according to the anti-burglar protection class RC2. Furthermore they can be equipped with special glass and connected to an alarm system.

Cero Technology

Cero offers two unique selling points for their sliding doors: the glazing rebate ventilation and an innovative runner technology.

The glazing rebate ventilation allows the ventilation of the laminated panel, as well as a regulated drainage. The stainless steel runners are integrated into the sash profile and protected from dirt by cleaning brushes. This way the elements continue to run smooth over many years reducing the need for regular maintenance.

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