Solarlux Cero Sliding Doors, Surrey

Location: Surrey

Working in conjunction with Solarlux UK, Thames Valley Windows has installed the brand new Solarlux Cero II Minimal Frame Sliding Door. This is the first installation of Cero II in the UK!

The project was an extension to add a pool area and gym to an existing new build property by one of the most prestigious developers in the South of England. The minimal frame and achievable panel weights meant that the vast opening could be done in just 4 panels. Spanning a total width of over 12000mm and 3000mm in height, the panel sizes were in excess of 9m² and weighed approximately 360kg each. As you can see from the images this is quite an undertaking and the logistics have to be carefully organised and managed to ensure the doors arrive and are installed in optimum condition. Despite the extreme weights involved, the doors move effortlessly and we can achieve sizes up to 15m² and 1000kg in weight.

The Cero is the leading brand in a new breed of sliding door. The minimal frame nature allows for a 96% glass area on the door but the high quality of the manufacture and product means that strength and performance are not jeopardised. With achievable u-values as low as 0.8w/m²k triple glazed for the Cero III and 1.2w/m²k for the Cero II double glazed the door is unrivalled.

With the frame able to be concealed perfectly in to the floor, wall and ceiling and just a 34mm vertical profile the door truly is minimal frame. Options of glass-to glass, fully moveable corners and motorised openings, this door is a superb option for almost any project where maximised openings are the goal.

If you are interested in knowing more about this door, we have a fully operational Cero III in our showroom in Bracknell at 4650mm x 2650mm allowing you to get a first-hand feeling for the profiles and movement of the panels.

In addition to the Cero II we also installed a slim-line slider, the SL142 and large SL81 fixed frame to complete the look.

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