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Our contemporary award-winning Pirnar front doors will impress your guests every time they arrive – and leave! A Pirnar entrance door demands attention!

Matching the entrance door to the style and period detail of your property can transform the aesthetic of your home.

No two homes are the same, so our range of high-quality Pirnar front doors incorporates a variety of materials to choose from. For a modern style, select an aluminium entrance door, or if you are looking for a traditional design, choose a wooden front door or a combination of both wood-aluminium for a contemporary entry door.

With over 50 years of experience in the door industry, Pirnar has gained an excellent reputation for luxurious entrance door and exquisite craftsmanship.

Every element of each exterior door is manufactured without compromise to the highest standard, where quality is the number one priority. All of which means that each entrance door is made to give years of reliable service.

Every front door is handmade, for a perfectly smooth finish, and every entry door is unique in their design. You can choose a large front door with glazing or a solid entrance door; the choice is yours when designing the perfect entrance door for your home.

Create a grand entrance with a pair of double front doors. Pinar luxury front doors can be produced as double front doors measuring up to 300 cm in height and 280 cm in width to create a grand entrance. Double entrance doors can add a grandeur feature to a larger property, with additional sidelights they can create a more luxurious feel to the property as well as letting more natural light into the hallway.

Pirnar was first to produce doors with aluminium profile with a height of up to 300cm and a width of up to 130cm.

Pirnar doors offer you a wide choice of dimensions, styles, and door designs. As well as the usual customisation options of colours, surface treatment, handles, knockers and locking systems, why not specify LED lights for night time or fingerprint reader technology? The possibilities are endless. Pirnar is inspiring and imaginative.



Stunning innovations and amazing shapes. A high-end luxurious front door that the very best in design and provide security and reliability. The Ultimum range is a flat door frame with invisible junctions. Thermal efficiency with a u-value of just 0.54 W/m²K, previously unheard of in aluminium doors. Sophisticated LED door lighting and fingerprint scanning are just some of the distinct and unique aspects of a Pirnar Ultimum door.

Nothing is impossible with Pirnar Ultimum doors


A handmade masterpiece. The Premium is one of the best-insulated entrance doors in the world and can be made of aluminium, wood or a combination of both.
This contemporary door is a flat frame door frame with visible junctions, that truly comes alive at night when the soft glow of the LED lights appears under the hand pulls, the threshold or the details on the door leaf. Functional, playful, magical. The Premium is also suitable for larger entrances and can be made to 3 meters high and 1.3 meters wide.


Excellent quality at an affordable price. An Optimum front door is a flat door frame and with visible junctions. There is something special about this entry door: superb thermal conductivity and soundproof insulation, a flawless finish and sturdy profiles.


The award winning CarbonCore door is a testament to Pirnar’s commitment to quality and durability. It’s a unique innovation that combines two advanced technologies—a carbon fibre construction and the Magnet WeatherSeal magnetic seal. LEARN MORE

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