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  • 28 / July

    Small Bifold Doors – Opening Sizes

    From small bifold doors to large eight-panel door configurations, the trend towards creating bright homes filled with natural light and a seamless connection between indoor and outdoor living spaces continues to grow in 2021 Thames Valley Windows are proud to announce that we are a Solarlux Quality Partner. Our range of Solarlux external bifold doors are visually stunning and provides…

    Posted by tina
    • 15 / July

      Materials Shortage in Double Glazing Industry

      IMPORTANT ANNOUNCEMENT FROM THAMES VALLEY WINDOWS COMPANY Woohoo, we are nearly there! With Monday 19th July marked as “Freedom Day”, the government will relax the Covid-19 restrictions in England. Despite the challenges thrown our way in the last 18 months, we want to say a big ‘Thank You’ to both our loyal customers and employees. Who have not only supported…

      Posted by tina
      • 7 / July

        Why is My Bifold Door Track Full of Water?

        There is nothing worse than installing beautiful bi-fold doors only for the track to fill with water and leak into your home. If this is happening to you, then you will want to find an effective solution. Check out the most common reasons for this problem and find out how to fix them with our handy guide. Problem 1 –…

        Posted by Reuben
        • 1 / July

          Guest Post – What to Look for When Renting or Buying a House

          The prospect of buying a house in Berkshire, Hampshire, Surrey and Oxford is a massive decision for anybody- and small mistakes can be costly. The investment- both financially, mentally and physically can take a considerable toll, so the preparation stage is vital. In that, is the viewings of various properties. Often the excitement of moving into our first or a…

          Posted by tina
          • 30 / June

            What is the Difference Between Astragal or Georgian Bars?

            If you live in a period property or you want to create a classic look for your home’s exterior, then choosing between Astragal or Georgian bars for your window may be causing you stress. The majority of people who purchase new windows are not aware that there is a difference between these two types of bars, nor do they know…

            Posted by Reuben
            • 24 / June

              How to Replace a uPVC Window Latch

              uPVC windows are long-lasting and durable, but sometimes the window latch can stop working and needs to be replaced with a new one. Rather than installing a brand new window, follow our step by step guide to replacing yours with ease. Get the Right Parts The first thing you will need to do is find a like for like replacement…

              Posted by Reuben
              • 17 / June

                How to Repair a Cracked uPVC Window Frame

                When you have uPVC windows, you can be forgiven for believing that they do not need maintenance in order to stay in good working order. This is because they are made from hard-wearing materials that are built to last. However, there are occasions when your frames may get cracked and need to be repaired. Find out more about what to…

                Posted by Reuben
                • 11 / June

                  What To Do About Chipped Paint On Aluminium Window Frames

                  Aluminium window frames offer a host of benefits to homeowners, so it isn’t too surprising that many people opt for them over the alternatives. However, if the paint on the window frame becomes chipped, what can you do about it? Here, we offer you some top tips to point you in the right direction. The Benefits Of Aluminium Windows Some…

                  Posted by Reuben
                  • 4 / June

                    How To Repair Scratches On Coloured Window Frames

                    Coloured window frames are a great addition to any home, adding aesthetic appeal to your property. However, coloured frames are, unfortunately, no less susceptible to damage than plain white ones. Although uPVC is remarkably resilient and durable, it can still be scratched and pitted by mechanical means. For example, if you accidentally scrape a mortar trowel on the window frame…

                    Posted by Reuben
                    • 3 / June

                      Double Glazing – White Spacer Bar Shortage

                      Company Notice White spacer bar shortage Unfortunately, due to a global material shortage of ‘light polymer’ which is now affecting all of the uPVC & glass industry, particularly the production of white and grey spacer bar we are now forced to change to ‘Black Spacer Bar’ on all ongoing & new orders for all double and triple glazed products. Currently,…

                      Posted by tina
                      • 28 / May

                        How To Prevent Window Condensation

                        No matter what type of building you live in, whether it be a period property or new-build apartment, you may experience an issue with condensation. While it may appear to be a minor problem, if you don’t deal with it quickly it could cause long-lasting problems that can be costly to fix including mould and damp. Here, we take a…

                        Posted by Reuben
                        • 21 / May

                          How To Increase Light In Your Home

                          If your home always feels dark and gloomy inside, you’re probably looking for ways to increase its natural light – after all, living in a light environment has been shown to have positive benefits for your health and well-being. Fortunately, there are several ways you can achieve this goal and here are just a few. Add Mirrors Most people are…

                          Posted by Reuben
                          • 14 / May

                            Where To Use Internal Glass Walls

                            Over the last 20 years, the term “open plan” has been a key buzzword amongst interior designers and builders. As the focus has increasingly been placed on collaborative working, increased family connections inside the home, and creating an illusion of extra space in crowded urban developments, it’s easy to see why internal glass walls have become so popular. Glass partitions…

                            Posted by Reuben
                            • 6 / May

                              Switchable Glass – What Is It And How Does It Work?

                              We work hard to maintain a reputation for innovative glass solutions, a question we are often asked is what is switchable glass? There are several ways in which glass may be turned to opaque from transparent (and vice versa) and each method has its own application. However, when it comes to construction and design, the term “switchable glass” is usually given to electrochromic…

                              Posted by Reuben
                              • 1 / May

                                What is a Composite Front Door?

                                Unsure what a composite front door is? Then we have news!! The steel blue Apeer composite front door that we installed into a detached property in Camberley was recently featured on the Homebuilding & renovating online article What is a Composite Door?   The article features advice on the benefits of a composite front door from durability, security, thermal efficiency,…

                                Posted by tina
                                • 30 / April

                                  How To Use Frameless Glazing In Design

                                  Frameless glazing is a glass and aluminium product that is designed to create a stylish and contemporary aesthetic to a property thanks to minimum visible frame and maximum visible glass. Modern and slimline, these products can be purchased as opening or fixed windows or sliding windows, or even as a combination of windows and a frameless glass door system. So,…

                                  Posted by Reuben
                                  • 25 / April

                                    Flat Roof Lights and Lanterns

                                    These days, there are roof lights available in a wide variety of configurations and styles, and that means that you’re sure to find the perfect roof light to suit your roof and home’s style, whatever it may be. However, when you’re looking for the right roof light solution for your flat roof, you have two option – a flat roof…

                                    Posted by Reuben
                                    • 14 / April

                                      Key Things to Consider when Buying Wooden Windows and Doors

                                      We are very excited to see the stunning hardwood timber front door finished in the Heritage colour of Dulux DH drab that we installed in detached property in Winkfield feature in the April Edition of Build It Magazine alongside so many other inspiring double glazed wooden windows and door installations! The article is filled with key things to consider when…

                                      Posted by tina
                                      • 12 / April

                                        Internorm Triple Glazed Windows for the Price of Double Glazing

                                        To celebrate the easing of lockdown and the reopening of retail shops and our Bracknell showroom, we are delighted to be offering Internorm Triple Glazed Windows for the price of Double. Whether you are looking for an architectural glazing solution for a passive house or home renovation, Internorm offers high performing triple glazed windows in a range of materials, colours…

                                        Posted by tina
                                        • 8 / April

                                          New Conservatory Roof – Costs and Options

                                          We are delighted that two of our uPVC and timber-framed Conservatories that we designed and installed featured in the Homebuilding online article “Conservatory Roof Replacement: The Options”. 2020 saw a huge trend in demand for extensions with a glazed roof compared to a tiled conservatory roof, homeowners wanted to remove brick walls and replace them with transparent glass panels creating…

                                          Posted by tina

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