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  • 22 / April

    Glass Wall – With Cero Minimal Frame Sliding Glass Doors

    As a minimalist interior and exterior design trend evolve, many homeowners are replacing a solid wall with a luxurious frameless glass wall delivering maximum transparency, spacious interiors and allowing the beautiful outdoors to be the interior decor. Large expanses of glass with big window and door dimensions have been dominating the future of the glazing industry. We already see this…

    Posted by amiee
  • 12 / March

    Glass Window – Different Types of Glazing

    Most people will look through a glass window every day, but have you ever wondered what type of glazing is used in a glass window? Whether you’re looking for a new bay window, a stained glass window or French doors suddenly you hear glazing solutions terms that can mean very little but can make all the difference to the aesthetics…

    Posted by tina
  • 6 / March

    Architectural Glazing – What is it ? – A Glossary

    To many people, ‘glazing’ is a word that literally refers to windows and doors. However, dig a little deeper, and things can get a bit more complex even than that! The term ‘architectural glazing’ typically applies to any form of glazing installed into a commercial building design. However, on the whole, we use the term to refer to particular features…

    Posted by tina
  • 28 / February

    Springtime is coming- 5 reasons to install Bifold Patio doors

    It may only be the beginning of March, but as the days start getting longer, we know that Spring is on its way. As the colder weather gives way to warmer weather and the flowers, begin to bloom it is an excellent time of year to consider home improvements ready for the summer months Homeowners are starting to discover all…

    Posted by tina
  • 18 / February

    Solarlux SDL Avalis – New Architectural Glazing Product 2020

    Have you heard of the new cubic architecture and roof system? – let us introduce the new 2020 glazing product – Solarlux SDL Avalis   A few members of the Thames Valley Windows team recently attended the Solarlux Quality Partner Day on 14th February 2020 at the Solarlux campus in Melle to see and learn about their Solarlux products including…

    Posted by tina
  • 17 / February

    Aluminium Bifold Doors or Aluminium Sliding Doors For Open Plan Living Space

    Both aluminium bifold doors and aluminium sliding doors add the wow factor to any style of property and are a must-have product for the contemporary UK living. They are the perfect solution for indoor/outdoor lifestyle as they open up your home to the garden and transform the living space and the way you use your home. The external doors are…

    Posted by tina
  • 30 / January

    Bifold Doors Cost and Benefits

    Bifold Doors – How Much Do They Cost? It’s a new year and a new decade of another roaring ’20s. Spring will soon arrive bringing blue skies and warm sunny days with lighter evenings which means summer will be just around the corner. January is a time of the year; many homeowners thoughts turn towards planning their home renovation project….

    Posted by tina
  • 17 / January

    Wooden Front Doors – Top 6 Trending Styles

    Wooden front doors are making a comeback! With one of the biggest home trends for 2020 being natural wood, Here’s what the year ahead holds for buying a new eco-friendly timber front door. Many homeowners are making greener choices for home improvements within their properties, energy-efficient exterior doors are a natural choice to help reduce their carbon footprint. So whether…

    Posted by tina
  • 10 / January

    Glass Extensions: A Buyer’s Guide

    Glass extensions for modern and traditional properties. Are you thinking about a stylish and modern home extension that maximises light for your property? Looking at glass conservatory or orangery options, but are unsure where to start? Don’t worry. In this quick glass extensions buyers guide, we have selected some of our favourite glass extensions that we have designed and installed…

    Posted by tina
  • 10 / December

    New Year – New Front Door? 10 Reasons to Replace Your Entrance Door in 2020

    New front door for 2020? New Year means new changes for a lot of people. But what about your home? One of the many things homeowners change about their homes is their entrance door. Your front door is the first thing your family and friends will see when visiting you! You could upgrade to a modern composite door or the…

    Posted by tina
  • 15 / November

    Brown Windows? – What’s the Best Front Door Colour to Choose

    Do you have brown wooden windows or rosewood uPVC windows and looking for a new front door for your property in Berkshire, Surrey and Hampshire? Brown doubled glazed windows are both classic and timeless they create an impression of grandeur on the exterior of a property while adding warmth on the inside. It is also important to remember some colours…

    Posted by tina
  • 25 / October

    Window and Door Trends for 2020

    From large windows and less frame to the return of sliding glass doors, here are some of the biggest double glazed window and door trends for 2020 defining the glazing industry in Autumn/Winter 2019-2020 and what is on the property market horizon for next year. Whether you’re looking to replacing your windows and doors, renovating a new extension or building…

    Posted by tina
  • 8 / October

    Grey Windows to Enhance Traditional and Modern Homes

    Grey Windows is the New White! – White windows have always been a part of the UK home design landscape. For many people, white offers a clean, neutral look which is easy to keep up to, and it’s never too harsh on the eyes. However, it seems that the days of traditional white windows being the norm for properties across…

    Posted by tina
  • 24 / September

    Architectural 3D Visualisation Service for Home Improvements

    Our in-house architectural  3D visualisation service is a unique, one-of-a-kind visualisation software within the double-glazing window industry. Thames Valley Window company identified a need to provide a quality visualisation design service to residential customers for home improvements. We have been creating and offering this architectural 3D visualisation service for over 20 years, and it has evolved from traditional paper, pens…

    Posted by tina
  • 7 / September

    Black Metal Windows and Doors V Aluminium

    Black metal windows are renowned for their pencil-thin sightlines and industrial vibe they emit. Metal windows and doors made of durable steel has been a popular choice of art deco windows for many homeowners as they are maintenance-free steel-framed windows compared to wooden windows. Many famous iconic UK buildings feature these style of black metal windows include Tower of London…

    Posted by tina
  • 19 / August

    Corner Bifold Doors or Sliding Doors for Open Corners – FAQ’s

    Corner bifold doors and sliding doors are one of the fastest evolving glazing trends for homeowners who want an open corner in their homes, for seamless indoor-outdoor, contemporary living. An open corner in both modern and traditional properties creates the ultimate wow-factor and is a must-have feature in new kitchen extensions. The trend that seems to have the most staying…

    Posted by tina
  • 12 / August

    New Build Homes – Building New Builds

    Building the Dream Home! Building your dream new build can be one of the most exciting and rewarding projects you can undertake. Whether you are first time buyers or not getting the opportunity to plan out each step of the process and make the decisions about your new builds property developments is a big responsibility. And it can be overwhelming…

    Posted by tina
  • 6 / June

    BLOG: Aluminium Flush Casement Windows – emerging technologies to look out for

    Aluminium Flush Casement Windows – emerging technologies to look out for. There comes a time when we want more from a window than just looking through it! We want style, high security and thermal efficiency, and of course, long life durability. There has been much revolution in the window industry over the last few years with a big increase in…

    Posted by Leanne
  • 21 / March

    BLOG: How to choose your new windows this Spring

    Whether you’re planning a brand-new self-build, undertaking a conversion or renovating a property, how to choose your new windows is too important to be an afterthought. We all know that windows are crucial to the look and character of any home – from contemporary feature windows that make a bold statement to discreet styles that blend sympathetically with a period…

    Posted by Leanne
  • 31 / October

    Blog: 3 Window Trends for 2018

    What are some of the things people are looking for when they decide to replace their windows? We take a look at the trends we’re seeing on people’s wish lists; the top 3 window trends for 2018. Trend #1: Maximising Light The primary reason for installing windows in our homes is to let in light. It’s the very reason windows…

    Posted by Carly

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