28th March 2024

Enhancing Your New Kitchen Extension with the Latest 2024 Glazing Trends

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Enhancing Your New Kitchen Extension with the Latest 2024 Glazing Trends - Kitchen Extension Glazing Trends

Discover the latest 2024 glazing trends in kitchen extension design with stunning glass walls to enhance your lifestyle and the desirability of your home.

When it comes to kitchen extensions, one of the most popular design elements is glazing. Combining a roof lantern, glass walls, and large windows with minimal frames provides an aesthetically pleasing and versatile space.

In this article, we’ll explore the latest glazing trends in kitchen extension and how you can incorporate them into your home.

Kitchen Extension Glazing Trends
Open Plan Kitchen Orangery Extension with Bifold Doors, Bracknell

Contemporary & Modern Glass Walls

One of the biggest glazing trends in kitchen extension is using glass walls instead of traditional bricks to create light and airy open-plan dining-living spaces.

Glass is the most versatile and innovative space-enhancing material available. It reflects a luxurious aesthetic that can enhance lifestyles with a sense of light and an illusion of space.

These floor-to-ceiling windows and doors create a stunning visual effect and maximise visible clarity, making the space feel larger and more open. They also allow for an unobstructed view of the outdoors, bringing in natural light and creating a warmer and more welcoming living space.

Kitchen Extension Glazing Trends - sliding doors
Slimline Aluminium Sliding Doors, Wargrave, Reading

Embracing Natural Light

A light and bright house is a highly sought-after feature for any homeowner; kitchen extensions are no exception. With large windows and glass walls, allows maximum natural light to flood the room, making the space feel brighter and more inviting.

In addition to the aesthetic benefits, natural light has numerous health benefits. Exposure to natural light can help to increase productivity, improve mood, and even regulate sleep patterns. By incorporating natural light into your kitchen extension, you can create a beautiful space that promotes a healthy lifestyle.

Kitchen Extension Glazing Trends - contemporary orangery
Contemporary Orangery with Solarlux SL 60 Bifold Doors, Maidenhead

Bi-Fold Doors for a Seamless Transition

Bi-fold doors have become increasingly popular in kitchen extensions, and for good reason. These doors can be folded back completely, creating a seamless transition between the house and the garden. The difference between the indoor and outdoor spaces is eliminated, creating a harmonious ambience between the living spaces and nature. This is especially beneficial for those who love to entertain, as it allows easy access to the garden and creates a spacious and inviting atmosphere for guests.

In addition to their functionality, bi-fold doors add a modern and stylish aesthetic to a kitchen extension. They are available in various materials, including aluminium, wood, and uPVC, allowing homeowners to choose the option that best suits their aesthetic preferences.

Kitchen Extension Glazing Trends - Bifold doors in Twyford
Contemporary Orangery with Solarlux Bi-Folding Doors, Twyford

Incorporating Rooflights for Added Light

Modern and contemporary rooflights or glass lanterns are another kitchen extension glazing trend. They create a new perspective in the kitchen, allowing natural light to flood into the space from above while creating a stunning architectural feature.

From fixed flat rooflights to glass roof lanterns, they can be placed strategically to highlight specific areas of the space, such as a kitchen island or dining area.

Orangery Kitchen Extension Glazing Trends - Cero Sliding Doors, Reading
Orangery Kitchen Extension, Cero Sliding Doors, Reading

Going Green with Solar Control Glazing

As sustainability becomes increasingly important, more homeowners opt for solar control glazing in their kitchen extensions. This type of glazing is designed to reduce the amount of UV rays and heat that enter the space, making it more energy-efficient and comfortable.

Solar control glazing also helps regulate the temperature in a kitchen extension, making it a more comfortable space to cook and entertain. This glazing also protects curtains, furniture and flooring from fading due to sun exposure.

Kitchen Extension Glazing Trends with Double Storey Extension, Windows and Doors and Modern Orangery, Guildford
Double Storey Extension, Windows and Doors and Modern Orangery, Guildford

Slim Black Frames for a Modern and Minimalist Aesthetic

Black frames have become a popular choice for kitchen extension glazing, adding a modern and sleek touch to the space. These frames can create a cohesive and stylish look for windows and doors.

In addition to their aesthetic appeal, black frames also have practical benefits. They are often made from aluminium or uPVC, which is durable and low-maintenance. This makes them an excellent choice for high-traffic areas like a kitchen extension.

Solarlux SL 60e Bifolding Door with Moveable Corner and Solarlux French Doors, Harpenden
Solarlux SL 60e Bifolding Door with Moveable Corner and Solarlux French Doors, Harpenden

Maximising Space with Corner Glazing

Corner glazing is an excellent option for those looking to maximise space in their kitchen extension. This type of glazing allows for bifold or sliding doors to be installed in the corners of the space, creating a dynamic and visually appealing design.

Corner glazing also brings in natural light from multiple angles, making the space brighter and more open. It also adds a modern touch to the kitchen extension, making it a standout feature in the home.

Triple Glazed Sliding Doors Help Transform a 1930’s Bungalow into Contemporary Sustainable Home, Wiltshire
Triple Glazed Sliding Doors Help Transform a 1930’s Bungalow into Contemporary Sustainable Home, Wiltshire

The Use of Sliding Doors for a Sleek Look

Frameless Sliding doors are the perfect addition to kitchen extensions, offering a minimalist and modern look that is hard to rival. They are ideal for connecting the indoor and outdoor spaces.

Slimline sliding doors also offer practical benefits. They take up less space than traditional French or bifold doors, making them an excellent option for smaller kitchen extensions. They also allow for easy access to the garden, making them an excellent choice for those who love entertaining.

Kitchen Extension Glazing Trends – A Conclusion

Kitchen extension glazing trends are a popular design element that can add aesthetic and practical health benefits to a home.

By staying updated with the latest glazing trends and advancements, you can ensure that your kitchen extension and home has the best glazing solutions to meet your needs and improve your lifestyle.

Here at Thames Valley Windows we can incorporate or bespoke glazing products into your new kitchen extension from moving glass walls to stunning bespoke rooflights, there are many options that will provide maximum natural light. Contact our designers today who will help you choose the best glazing solution for your kitchen extension.

If you want to learn more about Thames Valley Windows and glazing products, and customer service, you can also read our Trustpilot Reviews, an independently verified review service.


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