Timber Alternative Windows from Evolution

The timber alternative windows in Surrey, Hampshire & Berkshire designed and built by Evolution in the Flush and Storm ranges provide the perfect imitation of natural timber windows. All without the downsides associated with wooden fixtures.

They benefit from having an outer frame that’s 82mm from front to back, making it deep enough for the stylings associated with traditional timber, but also shallow enough to fit nicely into openings without requiring cutbacks on the plaster lines.

It’s surprising to think that even though they are the most slimline timber alternative window in Surrey, Hampshire & Berkshire, they still offer industry-leading thermal performance with a 1.3 w/m2k u-value.

Why Choose Evolution Windows?

Compared to other uPVC and composite window manufacturers, Evolution do not supply their profiles to other manufacturers and fabricators. Therefore, each and every door and window are built in their own factory. This is what really sets them apart, they use their knowledge and experience in using traditional techniques to manufacture timber alternative windows window in Surrey, Hampshire & Berkshire using cutting-edge materials to produce fixtures that are durable and authentic.

What are Storm 2 Windows?

Storm 2 Windows, from Evolution, are one of the best timber alternative casement windows on Surrey, Hampshire & Berkshire the market. They benefit from a small rounded edge and exceptionally low profile that means they do not have that cumbersome appearance other storm timber alternatives have. It is also the only casement of its kind currently available with those timber-like joints.

Evolution Storm 2 Timber Alternative Windows, Oxford, Oxfordshire

Black & white Tudor style Evolution Storm 2 lipped casement windows, Datchet, Berkshire

What are Evolution Flush Casements?

While they have always been popular for buildings with a more classic design, Evolution flush casements also suit contemporary properties in Surrey, Hampshire & Berkshire, thanks to their very clean and slick lines. The casements appear slimmer because more outer frame is showing, as the casement/sash sits flush with it. In the pictures, you can see that the casement has a traditional grained wood finish that matches with the rest of the structure.

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Evolution Flush Casement

What is the Evolution Flush 70 Range?

Imitating the look and feel of natural wooden windows, the Evolution Flush 70 is another great timber alternative window from Evolution. As official Evolution stockists, we carry this line of timber alternative windows in our showroom.

Evolution Flush 70 Timber Effect Window

Those visible timber joints against the flush casement in imitation wood look very appealing, with a real air of class and sophistication. When the windows are closed, they sit flush in-line with the window’s external frame. As it’s only 70mm in depth, this is a great replacement product for those aged uPVC or natural wood windows you have, and you won’t need to invest in any plaster lines work.

Clarity Contemporary Windows

The Evolution Clarity window combines all the appealing characteristics of the Storm window whilst being available in a smooth white finish.

The Clarity range is a more attractive alternative to the now common place uPVC window. The slimline sash and equal sightlines with clear A rated glass is perfect for a contemporary design property.

However, the Clarity range can still be added with Georgian as well as leads if you are still looking for a period design without the requirement for the grain finish.
The Clarity range is A rated as standard and is available with the full repertoire of wrought iron and brass furnishings.

More About the Timber-Effect Butt Joints

You very much get the best of both worlds with Evolution and their timber alternative window joints. They combine the look of a timber mechanical joint externally with the robustness of a welded join internally. This means that you get the strongest possible constructed frame, but still the beauty of the timber-look joint which sets the Evolution window apart from all of its imitators.

timber alternative window joints
The Evolution timber-look butt joint has the best of both worlds; the strength of a welded joint on the inside, with the look of a mechanical joint on the outside. Handcrafted to perfection!

Evolution Georgian Bars

Painstakingly handcrafted from scratch, Evolution have a wonderful Georgian-style bar that is placed over the glazing bead. This detailing gives the appearance of a traditional putty-lined Georgian Bar.

timber alternative White Storm 2, 20mm bar.

timber alternative Natural Wood colour, 36mm bar.

All About Those Fine Details

While other companies may claim to have achieved the same, Evolution are the only justified to state they’ve created a window sill that is as good as natural wood. Designed with a depth of 45mm, in the image you can see the frame of the Flush and Storm 2 and how aesthetically pleasing it is, while the mullions and transoms benefit from a much wider surface area thanks to the small ovule.

Even the experts would have a hard time determining if this was real timber or a timber alternative lookalike.

timber alternative windows external
timber alternative windows internal

Stunning Range of Colours

As authorised Evolution stockists of timber alternative windows in Surrey, Hampshire & Berkshire, we can provide you with the choice of 10 different finishes, as well as one glossy smooth finish as standard. You can, if you want, choose a completely different RAL colour not included in the 10. The most popular colours and most readily available are anthracite grey, the green and grey mix of Olive Grey and Agate Grey and the clean and crisp White Grain.

As a standard, your choice of colouring is used on the exterior, while the interior is finished in White Grain making the interior of your Surrey, Hampshire & Berkshire home as well-lit and bright as possible.

Evolution Colour Range

Traditional & Contemporary Evolution Accessories

The Evolution Flush, Storm and Clarity ranges are complimented by an unrivalled choice of contemporary and period hardware to suit any property style.

These styles are categorised into 3 handle ranges:

  • Standard Range
  • Traditional Range
  • Contemporary Range

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