9th February 2016

Blog: Why Choose Evolution Windows & Doors?

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Hand finished excellence

At Thames Valley Windows we are proud to say that we work with Evolution. They only employ hand-skilled craftsmen, not technicians. You will find more people than machines in their factory and these people have learned their trade, not simply read a manual.

Evolution is, quite literally, a hands-on company. It’s what sets them apart from other manufacturers and it’s how they ensure the quality that can only come from hand finished construction.

Combining these traditional manufacturing techniques with modern materials ensure that not only do their products look authentic, but they will continue to do so for years to come. It is predicted that the modern life-cycle of the current generation of uPVC windows is 30+ years with very little maintenance in between.

It’s this attention to detail that makes Evolution windows, orangeries and conservatories so exceptional.

Who Buys Storm?

There are a number of reasons why a homeowner would choose Evolution over and above replacement Timber Windows and mass-produced uPVC window alternatives.

  • The persistent maintenance of the currently installed timber windows has led to a negative perception of wood as a high maintenance product. They are looking to install a window that will compliment to look of the property without ever having to worry about replacing them again.
  • The cost of modern engineered hardwood timber may be out of a homeowner’s budget.
  • The property is best suited to a more slim, less bulky design with larger glass areas rather than a chunkier a uPVC product alternative.
  • Other uPVC replica products still have many visual elements associated with mass production and the lack of attention to detail makes the window a lot less wood-like.

Security without compromise

All Evolution windows, doors and orangeries feature the most advanced locking products available in the marketplace. You’ll benefit from a comprehensive locking system with shoot bolts top and bottom. Evolution products employ silver-finished steel bolts throughout their security systems, for absolute consistency and effectiveness.

Though they may look traditional, the windows, doors and conservatories are more than tough enough to cope with modern life. Evolution products don’t just add value to your home – they add peace of mind too.

Energy Ratings

We are all striving to reduce energy wastage by using the most efficient products we can which will keep our energy bills low and help conserve the heat we produce in our homes.

These windows are assessed by an independent body and are A-rated as standard, making the Storm window one of the most thermally efficient windows currently available.

It has been shown that energy efficient windows will help to minimise heating costs when installed by skilled qualified professionals. Using Evolution will ensure that your windows will be a valuable asset to your home for many years to come.

Timber Alternative Windows for Conservation & Listed Buildings

Due to the authenticity of the Storm window and door ranges we have enjoyed great success in having Evolution products specified in many sensitive areas such as Conservation, English Heritage and grade 2 listed buildings.

Although each case has to be judged on its own basis and is usually down to the decision of individuals within the governing body, we have achieved a number of key successes in many conservation areas.

National Installation Network

We appreciate that choosing a quality, local window installation company is a potential minefield. There are still many techniques and practices employed by double glazing companies that would not compliment the high standards set by Evolution.

Therefore, Thames Valley Windows is an Evolution Authorised Retail Partner. This ensures you will receive the very best levels of service and we’ll guide you through the quoting and installation process and provide a 10 year guarantee.


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