Cladding in Surrey, Hampshire & Berkshire

uPVC maintenance-free cladding both enhances and protects the appearance of your home.

We have a wide choice of woodgrain effects, colours and finishes available, as well as more technical installations including Eternit composite and the more popular Shiplap tongue and grooved option. We have 4 different styles of cladding, all of which are not hollow but strong cellular uPVC, available in white, mahogany and light oak.

We have the very latest technologically advanced systems, resistant to heat and warping, incorporating internal weather channels to keep water out and heat in. Our system has the best visual appearance of many systems on the market today.

Our advanced heat shield technology requires fewer fixings, producing an aesthetically pleasing finish. Our cladding is fitted with fixings behind the boards so no visible screw tops showing, coupled with an inbuilt weather channel ensuring no water will get behind.

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  • Maintenance free, no more painting, sanding, filling, climbing up ladders
  • Installed by fully-trained, highly-skilled craftsmen (not just fitters)
  • Our products are the best on the market with the latest technology and advanced features such as “heat-shield” foils
  • All workmanship and materials guaranteed. With new innovations this can be up to 50 years!
  • Thames Valley Windows will match or beat any quotation given the same specification
  • We have a vast range of woodgrain effects, solid colours and of course white or black
  • We also install specialist products such as Eternet (cement based, coloured), cladding for marine environments and hedgehog/drain-smart systems


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