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Architecture has been enjoying a renascence over the last 10 years, which has seen a growing desire to create larger living spaces centred around the kitchen. This trend has driven exponential growth in the popularity of bifold doors.

Founded in 1983 and based in Bissendorf, Germany, Solarlux pioneered the modern Bi-Folding Door, designing and manufacturing the first system ever marketed. It is still very much considered the market leader for high-quality Folding Sliding Doors and Glass Elements. Family-owned by the original founder, Herbert Holtgeife, and his son Stefan, Solarlux continues growing with the same passion and ideals the company was built on.

Why is Solarlux Different?

If Aluminium Bi-Folding Doors are all the same, then a Diamond is just another rock!

  • Solarlux designs and manufactures its own system, meaning that every door it produces has been considered for its functionality and manufactured for its sole purpose.
  • Solarlux is the only true German manufacturer. As the only company to truly produce its own system, It is the only true German manufacturer. Every door shipped to the UK is completely produced in its factories in Melle, making it truly German-engineered.
  • As all of Solarlux’s doors are produced in the same factory, every single door goes through the same manufacturing procedure. Therefore, all of their certification and CE markings can be attributed to all of their products without question.
  • Solarlux Doors achieve the highest level of testing and certification attainable regarding product performance, security and weather resistance.
  • All of Solarlux’s systems have been tested for 20,000 uses. If a door is used 13 times a week, its average lifespan is 30 years!
  • Solarlux products are only installed by authorised dealers who are specifically trained by Solarlux. The more experienced dealers become ‘Solarlux Quality Partners, ‘ working at a higher level of training and product knowledge.

High Quality and Perfectly Tested Bifold Doors

Solarlux & Thames Valley Windows

Thames Valley Windows is a successful independent company that allows us to work with almost any product we choose. Having worked with Sunflex and various profile fabricators for several years, using systems such as Smart, SAPA, Beaufort, Schuco and Sunflex, we began working with Solarlux in 2010. It was very quickly apparent that the quality of their systems was considerably better than anything else we had worked with. After entertaining the idea of retaining a cheaper alternative, we decided to focus exclusively on Solarlux as we feel that the price difference is significantly outweighed by the quality of the product. In 2011, we made this full commitment and have not looked back.

We’ve gone from strength to strength, and our confidence in the product now means we have gone from a local company to cover most of the South & South East of England for our Solarlux installations. We are one of the two largest Solarlux Quality Partners in the UK and have been involved in some of the most prestigious Solarlux installations in the country.


Our staff, from technical sales and survey to installers, has been trained by Solarlux in the UK and Germany.

Bi-fold doors will be one of your project’s most expensive and defining features. Be comfortable knowing that you own the best product on the market.

Please read our blog, ‘What Makes Solarlux Bi-Folds Different’, to learn more about this product. If you’d like to discuss your project in more detail, please call us or make an appointment to visit our showroom and see the products for yourself.

Please read on for an introduction to Solarlux’s comprehensive range of products.

Aluminium bifold doors

SL 35 Bi-Folding Door

Non-Thermally-Broken Aluminium Bi-Folding Doors. Lightweight frames make these perfect for internal screens dividing living spaces; based on the SL60e system, they can combine superbly if looking to match internal and external doors. They can also be incorporated with a Solarlux glass canopy or external balcony glazing.

SL 45 Bi-Folding Door

Very similar to the SL35, these lightweight aluminium doors are non-thermally broken and work brilliantly for balcony glazing or are a more robust option than the SL25 for an external Solarlux sunroom. They can also be used commercially or as domestic internal doors with a profile based on the SL80 system.

SL 60e Bi-Folding Door

The most popular system in the Solarlux range, these doors offer the best balance between superb quality and value. Thermally broken, achieving an average overall u-value of 1.4 w/m2k, with a slim-line glass-to-glass measurement of 130mm and a beautifully integrated hinge system, these doors are perfect for almost any domestic solution. The SL60e can also operate with a fully moveable corner post for a completely open-plan effect.

SL 70e Bi-Folding Door

The most versatile of the thermally broken systems, the SL70 can achieve oversized panel widths and heights. It is also adaptable to a faceted solution and can be combined with a movable corner post. Aluminium, heat-insulated folding glass door for designs in XXL format.

SL 80 / SL 81 Bi-Folding Door

The slightly more bespoke range comes with either a soft-line (SL80) or contemporary square edge (SL81) frame detail. While the ultra-sleek lines offer a beautiful 104mm glass-to-glass measurement, the deeper frame allows for a superb 1.2 w/m2k u-value. The larger aluminium hinge system also allows for greater flexibility in panel width and height.

SL 82 Bi-Folding Door

This stylish, sleek door allows for a sensational frameless look; layered glass overlapping the slim protective aluminium profile offers the best-looking edge-to-edge all-glass system.

This system is totally unique and representative of Solarlux’s desire and commitment to pioneering new development within the Bi-Folding Door market. In 2010, it was awarded the coveted ‘Red Dot’ for design.

Ecoline Bi-Folding Door

Newly launched in 2017, the Ecoline bi-folding door combines the best technology and state-of-the-art design to create the largest possible opening. The slim Ecoline has a sightline of just of 99mm and offers one of the best u-values available for a bi-folding door at just 1.1 W/m²K.

Highline Bi-Folding Door

Solarlux has made the best of their bi-folding door even better. The Solarlux Highline bi-folding door has a slim sightline of 99mm and can achieve u-values as low as 0.8W/m²K.

Timber bifold doors

Solarlux Woodline Timber Bi-Fold Door

Combining the contemporary style of slim-line Bi-Folds with the traditional beauty of timber, these doors are made from multi-layered engineered European timbers. Options include softwood, hardwood, and oak, and the doors can be finished with any RAL colour paint or Sikkens™ stain. The hinge system is located on a specially designed aluminium section that is rebated into the timber to ensure adjustability and ultimate longevity.

Composite bifold doors

SL 67 Bi-Folding Door

A superbly engineered composite door comprising a unique full timber internal door section with a secure vented aluminium exterior cladding. Thus, it combines a maintenance-free powder-coated aluminium exterior with a naturally warm timber interior. The hinge system of the doors is located on a specially designed aluminium section, which is rebated into the timber to ensure adjustability and ultimate longevity. Optional timber types and finishes mean these doors can be integrated into almost any living space.

Solarlux Combiline Timber/Aluminium Bi-Folding Door

An evolution of the SL97 and one of the newest doors in the Solarlux range, this composite system is designed to combine style with the lowest achievable u-values. It is the first and only ‘Passive House Standard’ Sliding Folding Door in the market. With triple glazing, this door has a staggering 1.1 W/m2k, making it suitable for passive housing or any situation where maximum thermal efficiency is required or simply desired.

Highline S and Ecoline S Sliding Doors

The Highline S and Ecoline sliding doors are aluminium profile systems that provide a uniform profile sight line and have a slim sight line of 55 mm in the panel butt joint.

They are suitable for use in Wintergardens glazed extensions as the glass level of the sliding door fits flush with fixed windows and bi-folding doors, creating no significant offset at the edge of the glass.

The Ecoline S sliding door has a maximum panel width of 2700mm and a maximum panel height of 2500mm.

The Highline S sliding door has a maximum panel width of 3200mm and a maximum panel height of 2800mm.

These sliding doors have an accessible floor track with built-in cascading system drainage and a stainless steel locking handle with a latch function for easy opening and closing. When the handle is in the vertical position, it locks into place so it can be used to pull the sliding panel without turning unexpectedly.

These doors also provide optimum impermeability. The horizontal bars below the panel act as a defined drip edge and run right into the floor track, concealing the horizontal brush seals. This offers an effective seal to protect against wind and driving rain. The durable stainless steel rollers, like the Cero family’s tried-and-tested carriage and running tracks, provide ultra-convenient operation thanks to light sliding action.

The sliding panel’s centric guidance also reduces frictional forces, ensuring low-maintenance and non-wearing operation even in continuous use. The carriages have also passed a salt spray test in accordance with DIN EN IOS 9227.

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