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  • 17 / June

    How to Repair a Cracked uPVC Window Frame

    When you have uPVC windows, you can be forgiven for believing that they do not need maintenance in order to stay in good working order. This is because they are made from hard-wearing materials that are built to last. However, there are occasions when your frames may get cracked and need to be repaired. Find out more about what to…

    Posted by Reuben
  • 11 / June

    What To Do About Chipped Paint On Aluminium Window Frames

    Aluminium window frames offer a host of benefits to homeowners, so it isn’t too surprising that many people opt for them over the alternatives. However, if the paint on the window frame becomes chipped, what can you do about it? Here, we offer you some top tips to point you in the right direction. The Benefits Of Aluminium Windows Some…

    Posted by Reuben
  • 4 / June

    How To Repair Scratches On Coloured Window Frames

    Coloured window frames are a great addition to any home, adding aesthetic appeal to your property. However, coloured frames are, unfortunately, no less susceptible to damage than plain white ones. Although uPVC is remarkably resilient and durable, it can still be scratched and pitted by mechanical means. For example, if you accidentally scrape a mortar trowel on the window frame…

    Posted by Reuben
  • 28 / May

    How To Prevent Window Condensation

    No matter what type of building you live in, whether it be a period property or new-build apartment, you may experience an issue with condensation. While it may appear to be a minor problem, if you don’t deal with it quickly it could cause long-lasting problems that can be costly to fix including mould and damp. Here, we take a…

    Posted by Reuben
  • 24 / April

    CPD Seminars For Architects and Property Developers

    Internorm – Glazing for the Future – Virtual CPD Seminar Due to the current situation in the UK and significant concern about COVID-19 and social distancing, we are moving all RIBA approved  CPD seminar events to virtual on-line training at present. We are proud to announce that Internorm is offering a free 1-hour Continuous Professional Development Seminar – helping you…

    Posted by amiee
  • 1 / February

    Double Glazing Repairs & Maintenance – FAQs

    Double glazing repairs and maintenance at Thames Valley Windows is for our own customers where we have installed double and triple glazing into properties in Berkshire, Surrey, Hampshire and beyond. I’ve got mould on my window Windows don’t cause mould; what could be causing it is condensation. We would advise for increased ventilation. My door handle spins round and round…

    Posted by tina
  • 30 / November

    Standard Window Sizes v Bespoke Made to Measure?

    Are all Windows Standard Size? When replacing existing windows, or installing new double glazed windows, homeowners ask the question does my home have standard window sizes? Technically there are no standard window sizes for every property in the UK. While some window manufactures and DIY retail stores stock ready-made standard window sizes, this can cause confusion to homeowners looking to…

    Posted by tina
  • 1 / November

    Blog: Window Condensation

    At this time of year, we see an increase in the number of calls regarding condensation. Many people find that with their new windows, comes condensation, and this is often an unwelcome surprise. Although it may not be welcome, do be assured that condensation on the inside and/or outside of your windows is proof that your new windows are doing…

    Posted by Carly
  • 11 / March

    Blog: How to maintain your uPVC windows

    Clean windows have a significant impact on the attractiveness of your home. With uPVC windows, very little maintenance is needed – re-painting and weather-proofing are not things you need to think about when you’ve opted for uPVC, but you will need to maintain the working parts and keep them clean. This post will tell you how to maintain your uPVC…

    Posted by Carly
  • 23 / February

    FAQ: What is condensation and how do I prevent it?

    Condensation is water that collects as droplets on a cold surface when humid air is in contact with it, much like when you remove a canned drink from the fridge, you may notice that it has droplets of water on the outside. The temperature on the surface of the can is reduced as air passes over it. As the air…

    Posted by Carly

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