7th July 2021

Why is My Bifold Door Track Full of Water?

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There is nothing worse than installing beautiful bi-fold doors only for the track to fill with water and leak into your home. If this is happening to you, then you will want to find an effective solution. Check out the most common reasons for this problem and find out how to fix them with our handy guide.

Bifold Door Track Full of Water

Problem 1 – There is a Debris Build Up

The most obvious issue to check is whether your track has a build-up of debris in it. Debris not only makes your doors look untidy, but it can stop them from aligning properly and allow water to get into the track. Dry the track and then hoover up as much debris as possible before cleaning it with a cloth and cleaning solution. Doing this regularly will keep your doors clean and ensure that your doors are properly aligned, and stopping water from getting in.

Problem 2 – Your Track Has Seen Better Days

If your bifold doors are used a lot or are getting old, then your track may be worn down and broken. If this is the case, then it will be more likely to let water in, resulting in a filled track that is causing you stress. The only solution to this problem is to replace the entire track with a new one so that your doors can continue to function effectively.

Problem 3 – Your Rollers or Wheels Need Adjustment

Sometimes the rollers or wheels on your bifold doors are off-balance they can cause problems with jamming and leave gaps in which water can get in. You can generally tell if your bifolds are off-balance because they are harder to close than usual. To resolve this issue, you will need to use a screwdriver on the adjustment screws to get the door back to working properly. When it is fixed, you will be able to open and close the door more easily and get a tighter shut so that water does not fill the track.

 Bifold Door Track Full of Water

Problem 4 – Your Window Glass is Letting in Water

If the seal on your window is broken or there is a small crack in the glass, then water will be able to get in and cause the problem you are experiencing. If the issue is small, then you can get the window resealed, but if there is a crack, then you will need to have it replaced. To do this, you will need to get the support of professional service, but avoid expensive costs by identifying the problem yourself first so that you can get it repaired without being convinced to have other work done too.

Problem 5 – The Flashing Needs Replacement

If the flashing is worn around the door, then it will not be able to do an effective job and can result in water being able to pool in the tracking. Re-caulking or having new flashing installed should resolve the issue quickly and effectively. It is also wise to add weatherstripping to your windows if you live in a place that experiences a lot of rain, as this will act as an additional barrier against the elements and keep your track and home free of water.

Problem 6 – Your Water Runoff is Not Effective

If your water runoff is not able to handle the amount of rainfall that you are getting or there was no runoff installed, then water can build up and flood your track, causing ongoing problems. To fix this, you will need to install a runoff that is able to handle the volume of water your area experiences.

Problem 7 – Your Track is Bent

If your track has been damaged and bent, then the water may not be able to escape, and so it will pool in the track and around the base of your bifold doors. It is possible to hammer out a bend if you have a metal track, but if yours is made from uPVC or plastic, then the only option is to replace it.

Bifold Door Track Full of Water

Getting Support From the Professionals

If you need help identifying or resolving problems with your bifold doors, then TV Windows is here for you. We will come to check the issue and then discuss your options so that you are fully informed and in total control. Our quote service is free, and our team is made up of well-qualified professionals. Get in touch with us today to book an appointment, and let us fix your bifold doors for good!


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