Solarlux Ecoline Bi Fold Doors, Sonning

Location: Sonning

Our client approached us as they wanted a new extension at the back of their property and chose Solarlux Ecoline Bi Bold Doors in Sonning as a suitable solution.

Being able to maximise the light coming in to their kitchen/living area and enjoy uninterrupted views of their garden was crucial to them and so our Design Director designed a Gable extension with fixed frames, bi fold doors and skylights which looks amazing and has added real value to the rear façade of this family home.

We supported the owners through the the planning application stage and recommended a builder to construct the extension and work form the plans that were drawn up from our design team. We also used our own experienced surveyor to save time constraints on the project.

The desire to create a larger, lighter, living space is at the top of most people’s home improvement wish list and as such, the popularity of bi-fold doors has massively increased over the last 10 years. The bi-fold door has come a long way since the patio door of the 1990s. Today’s version of the glass sliding door is both beautiful, energy efficient, secure and can be maintenance free. Imagine the ability to open up your kitchen or living room space on to your patio or garden with doors that fully retract, and with the option of a flush track you can achieve that seamless look between the inside and outside space.

These Solarlux Ecoline Bi Fold Doors in Sonning are finished in black, inside and out. This range of doors are a more bespoke solution for bi-folding doors and offer a 104mm glass-to-glass measurement, greater flexibility on panel width and height due to the larger aluminium hinge system, and excellent thermal insulation as well as a discrete reinforcement profile for a less bulky head detail and slimmer appearance. Gable designed fixed frame and Ecoline Tilt and Turn Doors complete the overall glass installation to this home in Sonning.

The owners particularly wanted the long-lasting security that Solarlux Bi Folding Doors offer and can enjoy complete peace of mind knowing they are custom built for safety with minimal maintenance throughout the year. The commented: “Excellent product and team. Fortunate to work with one of the directors over design and ideas which led to superb design feature to our property. The window quality is very high and regularly commented on from the material finish to the width of the frames. Bifolds are slick and high standard product. Any small follow up has been dealt with quickly and simply. Thank you”.

As homeowners, we continue to seek out simplicity, efficiency and beauty throughout our homes. It’s no secret that we are veering more toward the modern and contemporary in our style choices. Beyond looks, we expect high performance in the form of efficiency, functionality and durability.

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