Traditional Front Doors in Surrey, Hampshire & Berkshire

Although it is one of their basic functions, traditional front doors need to be more than just functional gateways to your property that look good. They also need to provide your home with the security, warmth and insulation you need, protecting you from the outside world, whether it’s from intruders or adverse weather conditions.

Although it’s true that our traditional uPVC front doors to the untrained eye, look like just about any others that have come before them, they stand out as different. Our wooden traditional front doors benefit greatly from cutting edge technology and are highly energy-efficient and incredibly secure with modern features including designer locking mechanisms and triple-glazing.

It doesn’t matter if you opt for a timber-effect, timber or composite traditional front door, we offer a wide array of different furniture, glass, colours and design options. All of which goes towards ensuring that your traditional external doors meet the unique and personalised needs of you, your family and the property itself.

Don’t Just Settle for Like for Like When Choosing New Entrance Doors

You need to bear in mind, though, that when you are choosing a new traditional entrance door for your property, that you don’t necessarily need to simply opt for something that’s a modernised and fresh take on the exact same thing. The front door is a huge part of the first impression you send out to people visiting or walking past your property. It speaks volumes not just about the house, but the people who inhabit it. The wrong choice regarding your front door, can either make your home a success or a failure.

Timber Front Doors

At Thames Valley Windows we offer fully bespoke engineered timber entrance doors that are a real work of art in many ways. Their traditional front doors look benefit with cutting edge energy-efficiency, security features and technology. The most traditional through and through, these don’t just look traditional, but feel every inch like the natural wooden doors you love from days gone by.

Traditional Timber-Effect Front Doors

The traditional-styled and looking timber-effect front doors we have on offer will provide your home with all the visual appeal of natural wooden doors, but without all that time-consuming and often expensive maintenance. Many experts have been fooled into thinking that they’ve been looking at the real thing, when really, it’s been one of our timber-effect window solutions.

At no extra cost, our timber-alternative windows can be finished with a choice of various traditional door hardware and in the RAL colour you prefer. In addition to these unique aspects, our timber-effect entrance doors also benefit from the modern security features we offer in our other doors and a high level of soundproofing and thermal insulation.

Composite Traditional Front Doors

We are very pleased to say that the composite traditional front doors we have on offer here at Thames Valley Windows are the only available on the market right now with triple-glazing and they are without a doubt, the most secure option. Rather than the 28mm or 24mm thickness you get with other double-glazed windows units and instead have a luxurious and impressive 48mm. They also benefit from having a central pane u-value of around 0.7.

In terms of security features, our traditional composite entrance doors have been full approved by police through the ‘secured by design’ for their anti-snap, anti-pick, anti-drill and anti-bump cylinder lock barrels’ kite marked and these are always fitted as standard. They also feature large hinge bolts manufactured from toughened steel to improve the level of security provided by the windows at the weakest points in their design.

How much will it cost?

As our traditional front doors are custom made to meet your own needs and style preferences and what suits your property best. We can’t give you an accurate quote without seeing your home or speaking to you. We can offer the following promises:

  • The quotes we offer you will be very competitive for like-for-like traditional front doors
  • We have a real passion for design and excellence that can give you full peace of mind that we will only ever make suggestions that will benefit the project
  • We can offer you a 3D visualisation fully in colour to show you the front door choices and options
  • The quote we offer will include a breakdown of the entire cost, what each component and element costs etc. We will never add extra fees or charges on or have secret tariffs or surcharges
  • Our experienced and skilled design team will be on hand to offer your advice and assistance throughout the process so you can enjoy the experience of working with us
  • We bring over 30 years’ worth of experience, our ISO 9001 certification and BSI accreditation to the table. So, you know the work you require from us will always be in safe and competent hands
  • We will always advise you and encourage you to come down and see us at the showroom before you make any firm decisions.

If you are interested in our traditional front doors, we have to offer here at Thames Valley Windows, contact us today to see how we can help you transform your home and give it a new lease of life and help you design and create an ultra-modern and stylish open-plan living space.

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