6th April 2023

Orangery and Conservatory Maintenance Tasks – Spring Cleaning Checklist

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Orangery and Conservatory maintenance task

9 Tips For your Orangery and Conservatory Maintenance Tasks

When Winter starts to fade and the longer days start to roll in, many of us feel a renewed energy and experience a keenness to Spring clean our homes.

Modern Orangeries and Conservatories are designed to be used all year round. Many are created to extend a kitchen to design an open-plan living space, so whilst this space will be cleaned regularly, a Spring clean should start from the outside.

To keep your Orangery or Conservatory looking its best after installation, we recommend some maintenance tasks twice a year to help enhance its longevity and avoid costly repairs!

April is the perfect time to get an Orangery and Conservatory ready for the warmer days and long summer nights.

Here are our Spring-cleaning checklist and maintenance tasks – look at our top tips and get started now!

Your Simple Spring – Cleaning Orangery and Conservatory Maintenance Tasks List

Now you know the importance of annual Spring cleaning and maintenance tasks, take a moment to work through this handy checklist so that your orangery or conservatory living space is ready for the warmer months ahead.

  1. Check and Clear the Guttering – one of the essential Orangery and Conservatory maintenance tasks to think about is the guttering. Take the time to scoop out any leaves, clear any moss and debris, and check the joints. If you can’t reach your guttering, find a local company to complete this task.
  2. Look Out for Leaks – Carefully check the entire space to look for dampness or evidence of leaks and get them repaired so that they do not cause a more expensive problem further down the line.
  3. Clean and Check the Glass – your next job on your Spring Orangery and Conservatory maintenance tasks list is to give the glass a good clean, inside and out. Take the time to clean the frames and handles, too, removing any grime from condensation that may be left after the winter months.
  4. Make Sure All Handles, and Locks Are Working –clean all the handles of the windows and doors with soapy water, and check that the locks are all in good working order.
  5. Think About Redecoration – once any repairs are completed, you could also think about redecorating the space to freshen it up. Pick neutral tones that will work well with your furniture and window coverings, and get it all done before you thoroughly clean the room.
  6. Spring Clean Your Interior – with the outside cleaned and cleared and your windows and walls well maintained, now are the time to spring clean the interior ready for the spring season. This means moving all the furniture and assessing what needs to stay and go.
  7. Check Your Furniture – whether you have Conservatory furniture or something different in your Orangery or Conservatory, it’s wise to check that it is all still in good condition and ready to use. Many people use these spaces for dining, living or even as a home office, so keeping your furniture well looked after will ensure you can enjoy it for longer before it needs to be replaced.
  8. Clean Your Blinds and Curtains – one of the essential Spring Orangery and Conservatory maintenance tasks is to clean your window coverings. If you have blinds, ensure you wipe or wash every slat, and if you have curtains, take them down to wash, dry and iron before rehanging them. Making sure that you do this job can have a significant impact on the smell in the room, leaving it feeling fresh and clean.
  9. Maintain Your Flooring – finally, don’t forget to give your flooring a bit of TLC when doing your spring tasks. Check if any marks or stains need to be worked out, and consider sanding and staining the space again if you have a wooden floor. If your flooring has seen better days, but you are not ready to replace it, you can always invest in a stylish rug to help lift the look of the room instead.

Once you have completed all of these spring orangery and conservatory maintenance tasks, there is just one thing to do – enjoy it! Make time to spend in your refreshed and clean space and soak up some of the spring suns even when the weather outside is still cold.


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