17th June 2021

How to Repair a Cracked uPVC Window Frame

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When you have uPVC windows, you can be forgiven for believing that they do not need maintenance in order to stay in good working order. This is because they are made from hard-wearing materials that are built to last. However, there are occasions when your frames may get cracked and need to be repaired. Find out more about what to do if you ever have to repair a cracked uPVC window frame

Repair a Cracked uPVC Window Frame

What Causes Cracks?

When a uPVC window is installed, it works hard to keep your home warm and quiet. However, they are repeatedly exposed to all types of weather, cleaning, maintenance and even accidental damage that can cause the frames to become cracked. Sadly, the cost of replacing an entire frame can be too much to find, and so you may need to consider repairing the crack.

Can I Repair a Cracked uPVC Window Frame Myself?

Before you call someone out to repair the crack in your window, then it is worth considering if you can complete the task yourself. It is only advisable to attempt this if the crack is very small and if it is accessible without you having to climb to get to it.

The first thing you will need to do is clean the crack and the surrounding surface to make sure there is nothing that will stop the compound from adhering. You can even wipe the surface down with methylated spirits to make sure that everything has been removed.

Next, you will need a compound that is designed to repair small cracks. Most of the time, you will need to mix two parts together to create the compound ready for use. When you have mixed your compound, you can apply it and let it dry.

Finally, you can sand any overspill when it is completely dry. This method may not make your frame look new, but it will provide you with a quick fix until you can arrange to have it repaired by a professional.

Repair a Cracked uPVC Window Frame

Knowing When to Call in the Experts

Whilst you can temporarily fix your window frame, it is always advisable to get the experts in to provide you with a more permanent repair. They will be able to use different methods to repair the problem, depending on the location and size of the crack. The great thing about calling in a repair service straight away is that the damage will not continue to get worse, and the repair that is done will last for many years to come so that you don’t have to find the money to replace the entire window.

What Happens If I Don’t Repair My uPVC Window Frame?

If you decide to leave the crack unrepaired, then the damage may continue to get worse, and the cost of resolving it will continue to grow. If the crack is in a part of the frame that is attached to the fabric of your property, then you can also expect water ingress and less effective barriers against the cold weather.

Finding a Service You Can Trust

Before you agree to let any local builder or handyman repair your uPVC frame, it is sensible to take the time to find a service you can trust. Window installers and repair services are the best choices as they work with uPVC frames every day and will have both the skills, experience and tools required to produce the results you need. You can check their credibility on verified review sites, too, so that you can be certain that you are getting the best value service from someone that knows how to fix the damage.

Call TV Windows Today and Get Your Window Frame Repaired

If you are ready to have your uPVC window frame repaired, then our expert team would love to hear from you! We will happily come and assess the damage and provide you with a no-obligation quote so that you can decide if and when you want to proceed.

We will never pressure you into having work completed, and we will always provide the best value advice on repairs so that you are never left out of pocket. Give the TV Windows team a call today to arrange a time that works for you, and look forward to windows that look fantastic again!


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