18th August 2021

Air500 Lift and Slide Patio Doors – A Video Guide

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Video Transcription:
Hi, I’m Liam from Thames Valley Windows, I’m one of the design consultants. Here we have our Air 500LS lift and slide patio door system and in an anthracite grey outside with the white inside. The Air sliding doors operate on a lift-and-slide mechanism which allows for incredible ease of operation as you can see here being able to operate the door literally with my little finger.

The lift-and-slide mechanism works where the runners will tuck under as you drop the handle allowing the weight of the door to drop and the door to be fully secured in place. To manoeuvre the doors simply rotate the handle and the runners will come back onto the track and again allow for the doors to glide like so.

The handles are a feature of the door and we have various colour options to be selected from. The Air 500 lift and slide patio doors come with multiple interlock options, 48-millimetre interlock as you can see here, 68-millimetre interlock and an 83-millimetre interlock. The air 500LS lift and slid doors come in double track as well as triple track options where we can achieve two panels, three panels, four panels and six panels up to 15 meters in width.

The example here in our Bracknell showroom is a standard threshold which as you can see has had the external built-up flush to the outside of the track to the slight step raised internally. You can also achieve a completely flush threshold which does really allow you to bring the outside in as well as achieve a seamless into out finish. The Air lift and slide patio doors offer fantastic thermal properties with U values from 1.2 with both triple and double glazing options.

The Air sliding doors offer the highest quality performance, longevity as well as ease of operation. If you’re looking for wide span glazed sliding doors to achieve the wow factor for your project these really are the doors for you.


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