9th November 2022

Window Repairs – How do you Fix a Dropped Window?

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One of the technical team here at Thames Valley Windows helps to answer the question How do you Fix a Dropped Window?

Video Transcription

Normally, if a window’s dropped and you’ll find that the bottom locking side of the window will be rubbing on the bottom. Now, nine times out of ten, this will probably need an engineer because it’ll be to put into practice something that we call toe and heeling. So, this will mean we’ll have to remove the Georgian bar and take the beads out and shuffle the glass. So, unfortunately, it wouldn’t be something that you’ll be able to take on yourself.

But another thing that you could try is there are ever so slight adjustments on the hinges. So, if you remove the two end screws and the middle screw, you can move the hinge along ever so slightly and then re-place the screws, and what it does is it moves the sash, and this should give you more clearance off the bottom. But I would suggest that, if this is the case, then you get in touch with us and we’ll get an engineer to look at it for you.


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