10th November 2022

Slimline Sliding Doors Price Guide

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slimline sliding door price guide

Thames Valley Windows has extensive experience within the residential and commercial industry, working on bespoke slimline sliding door solutions and collaborating with architects and contractors. Our works vary from small home extensions and refurbishments to new builds and developments.

Thanks to nearly forty years of experience in the glazing industry, we can work concisely to achieve various glazing configurations to suit any property’s structure and style.

Our slimline sliding patio doors offer high performance and expansive glazed areas with minimum visible aluminium profiles.

See below for examples of our bespoke thermally efficient slimline sliding door solutions.

*SLIMLINE SLIDING DOORS PRICE GUIDE  – We have given indicative prices for each product based on the following specifications:

· 5,000mm x 2,200mm 3-panel XXO in Grey 7016 or Black 9005 with a flush threshold.

· 6mm Toughened Low-Iron Glass.

· Trickle Ventilation included.

· Fitting included but may be additional logistical costs for outsize units etc.

· Prices as of 1/10/2022 – all are subject to change.


slimline sliding doors Price Guide


EdgeGLIDE is designed with an impressive combination of large glazed units and slim-line minimal frames to offer a visually impressive high-quality inline aluminium sliding door system for new builds or home renovations at a very competitive price.

With sightlines of just 35mm, the Edgeglide can be designed with a maximum panel height of 2600 mm and 2200 mm in width. PAS24 compliant can be used in new builds with sign-off from the building control inspector.

Our Bentier Homes project in Reading is a good example of EdgeGLIDE sliding doors. Large glazing elevations and minimal framed windows and sliding doors were essential elements of these new build properties

· Guide Price – £8,000 + VAT*

Slimline Sliding Doors Prices


If you require a virtually frameless system explore our VISION20 sliding doors to discover a sliding system with minimal 20mm sightlines that permit natural light and maximum luminosity.

Vision20 is the most invisible sliding door system we offer. The minimal design offers the most stunning contemporary aesthetics that is hard to rival.

The Vision20 can be designed with a maximum panel height of 3000 mm and 2500 mm in width. It is PAS24 certified and also offers flush thresholds and cornerless options.

Thames Valley Windows designed and installed numerous elements of aluminium framed glazing for a new build project in Farnham, Surrey, which also included three sets of innovative frameless sliding doors to achieve a contemporary design finish.

Guide Price – £10,500 + VAT*

slimline sliding doors


If you require a minimal frame system with slightly wider and taller max panels, explore the Sunflex SVG30

SVG30 aluminium lift and slide doors offer a dynamic and contemporary look with narrow 30mm sightlines and cutting-edge technology to create a slim framed system with a range of features, such as a 90-degree opening corner.

The SVG30 can be designed with a maximum panel height of 3020 mm and 2950 mm in width with a flush stacking panel option. It also offers a unique 4-panel stacking option as well. It is PAS24 certificated and also offers a flush threshold option.

Thames Valley Windows worked with a high-end residential developer on this Surrey project to ensure the state-of-the-art pool and gym area would have longevity and durability without compromising on aesthetics.

Wide panels have been carefully installed to provide exceptionally discreet, minimal glazing to complement this modern timber-clad extension design and muted colour palette.

All the aluminium frames were finished with marine grade, as standard, to withstand the chemical environment.

Guide Price – £15,000 + VAT*

slimline sliding doors


If you require a minimal frame system that offers large wide-span openings up to a maximum of 12m2 PER PANEL, explore the SOLARLUX CERO II.

Cero II is a German-designed and manufactured award-winning sliding door system with sightlines of just 38mm. When installed provides floor-to-ceiling glazing of 96% for maximum transparency.

A structurally bonded minimal framed sliding door system ensures outstanding performance and a stunning aesthetically pleasing architectural feature that, with its advanced engineering, makes it supremely easy to operate and can also be motorised.

The Cero II can be designed with a maximum panel height of 4000 mm and 3000 mm in width. It is RC2/PAS24 certificated and also offers a flush threshold and moveable and glazed corners.

Thames Valley Windows worked with Octagon, an award-winning developer of luxury homes, on this Berkshire project to ensure we offered the best architectural glazing solution.

The surrounding frame is so slim that it has been concealed within the floors, walls and ceiling. The result is a large facade of virtually frameless glazing that provides a seamless connection to the mature garden.

Guide Price – £22,000 + VAT*

minimal frame sliding doors


If you require a premium minimalist system that offers large wide-span openings up to a maximum of 15m2 PER PANEL, explore the CERO III.

Cero III are the big brother of the Cero II system. Triple glazed as standard offers excellent energy efficiency to meet Passiv Haus insulation requirements. Minimalist, contemporary sliding doors are designed to the highest standard with high-security features to meet the most luxurious and demanding architectural designs.

The Cero III can be designed with a maximum panel height of 6000 mm and 4000 mm in width. It is RC”/PAS24 certificated and is available with flush thresholds and moveable and glazed corners.

Our Maidenhead glass extension project is a good example of Cero III sliding doors with a moveable corner resulting in a truly dual-aspect glass wall system with a sensational expansive field of view overlooking Summerleaze lake.

Fixed glass corner panels maximise light for the north-facing living space. A fixed window between the two sliding systems maintains a continuous glass wall the width of the entire house, from the living room to the dining and kitchen areas.

Guide Price – £27,000 + VAT*


For more specification advice about slimline sliding doors features and thermal performance, just get in touch with the team at Thames Valley Windows. We can help advise on budget, design details and product specifications.

CALL US 0800 181 698

EMAIL US info@tvwindows.com

We would welcome the opportunity to work with you and your company on your next project that leads to innovative and energy-efficient glazing installation with happy clients or homeowners. Offering a second-to-none service from start to finish, our expert design consultants will assist you in bringing a design to reality for your clients.

Please send through your project today via email or our online contact form for us to demonstrate our competitiveness and expertise.


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