Leaded Windows in Surrey, Hampshire & Berkshire

If you are looking for a new set of double-glazed windows in your property and want to maintain or inject an architectural feature into your home, perhaps you should consider leaded windows.

Thames Valley Windows has been designing and installing leaded light windows throughout Surrey, Hampshire & Berkshire since we were founded 35 years ago. These windows are handmade using quality lead to make the perfect square leaded, diamond leaded, Georgian leaded, or stained-glass leaded light window for your home.

Based on very traditional window design, these modern versions allow a home to blend into its environment or can be a fantastic replacement for windows in older cottages and houses.

Before we discuss some of the things we love about leaded glass windows, let’s clear something up quickly.

What are Leaded Windows?

Traditionally leaded windows are decorative windows that consist of small panes of glass held in place using lead cames. Today we emulate this style by placing the lead-effect strips on the outside of the double-glazed units; on triple-glazed, this is sandwiched between the panes depending on the manufacturer. This means that you have the full impact of the leaded light “look” without having to compromise on efficiency, security and ease of maintenance.

These window designs borrow a lot from English heritage. They can help to create or complement a look which harks back to centuries of English architecture and exterior design.

Simply Stunning

One of the most visible and biggest appeals of leaded windows for many of our customer’s properties and potentially yours is the fact that they can create a focal point. There is something about the look and feel of the glass that exudes sophistication and good taste.

Increased Security and Privacy

As with any double-glazed window, security should always be at the forefront of your mind when choosing them. The last thing you want, after all, is to invest in windows that look great, but that is not fit to keep your home the haven it should be. With our leaded windows, you get to enjoy the beauty of the window design while benefiting from the modern security features that come as standard on all of our windows.

As an additional benefit, if you are looking for windows that let lots of natural light in and the sun’s warming rays, but don’t want all and sundry to see into your property, leaded windows are ideal.

How Much Does Leadlight Cost From Thames Valley Windows?

It is difficult to give a quote for the work we carry out, and the leaded windows you would like in your home in Surrey, Hampshire & Berkshire. All our window products are measured, tailored, cut and made to fit your home. Therefore, if you want an accurate quote, you need to either arrange for us to visit your property or speak to us directly.

With our services, we can guarantee, though, that:

  • The design team will work with you to establish what it is you are looking for, and upon request, they can even create a 3D design to show you what it may look like before you commit to a contract.
  • A team with experience of more than 35 years in the window and door installation industry, and official certifications from BSI and ISO 9001
  • Offer truly competitive rates
  • When you receive your quote, it will be free of additional charges and fees and include all your choices

We would strongly urge you to visit our Berkshire-based showroom, so you can see our leaded windows in person. We look forward to meeting you.

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