16th April 2024

The Latest Colour Trends for Aluminium Windows and Doors

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The Latest Colour Trends for Aluminium Windows and Doors

Colour trends for aluminium windows and doors change over time, and seeking replacement windows for home renovations or new windows for new builds calls for getting acquainted with the latest colour trend predictions poised to shape the look of traditional and contemporary properties in the year ahead.

Gone are the days when homeowners, architects, or property developers settled for white or black aluminium windows, as a few popular colours will certainly make a comeback in 2024.

Understanding these latest standard classic and bespoke RAL colour trends can help you make the right option for your home.

This year, the trending black industrial-style windows and doors will continue to soar in popularity for aluminium windows and doors.

There are no hard and fast rules regarding window and door colours and trends other than that your windows should work with your property’s architectural style and lifestyle.

This article will provide abundant inspiration and guide you through the top colour trends for powder coated aluminium windows and doors and fresh ideas that can complement and enhance your vision.

We’ll delve into the rise of natural tones, the enduring appeal of classic white, and bold colours. We’ll also explore the importance of durability, maintenance, and environmental considerations in your colour choices.

So, let’s discover how the correct colour palette can transform your property’s aesthetic appeal.

Grey aluminium windows
Heritage Style Windows, Tilt &Turn and Fixed Windows, Transform Surrey Property

The Importance of Colour in Aluminium Windows and Doors

The colour of your energy efficient aluminium windows and doors plays a pivotal role in defining the overall look of your property. It’s not just about aesthetics; the right colour can enhance the architectural style, create a harmonious visual flow, and even influence natural light and the perception of space.

Current Colour Trends for Aluminium Windows and Doors

Colour trends in aluminium windows and doors are constantly evolving. These trends are influenced by various factors, including architectural styles, interior design movements, and even societal changes.

Grey aluminium windows
Replacing Steel with Slim Aluminium Window Frames, Heritage 47 Maidenhead

Natural and Earthy Tones

One of the most prominent trends in recent years is the rise of natural and earthy tones. These colours, such as browns, greens, and greys, offer an opportunity to connect to nature and complement other natural materials like stone or timber cladding, enhancing the overall aesthetic of your home. These colours uplift the home, embodying a sense of calm, tranquillity, and well-being in any living space and creating an aesthetically pleasing facade.

Black aluminium windows on trend
Noise Reduction Heritage Windows for a Charming Cottage, Walton-On-Thames

Bold and Expressive Colours

On the other end, bold and expressive colours also make a statement. Black and anthracite grey are being used to create eye-catching focal points in architecture. These colours work well with traditional and contemporary architectural styles, enhancing the property’s overall exterior aesthetic and add a touch of sophistication and contrast to interior decor, a popular choice for modern and minimalist properties.

Colour Trends for Aluminium Windows
White Aluminium Windows for 1929 Colonial-style House Refurbishment, Reading

Classic White and Its Timeless Appeal

Despite new trends, classic colours remains a popular choice for aluminium windows and doors. White is classic and timeless and its appeal lies in its versatility; clean and bright it can complement various architectural styles and colour palettes. You can’t go wrong with white for a modern, or traditional look.

They are a timeless choice and have been popular for decades.

metallic grey colour (DB703) aluminium sliding doors
Frameless Sliding Patio Doors for Cedar Cladded Single Storey Rear Extension, Thatcham

The Rise of Metallic Finishes

Metallic finishes are taking the spotlight when it comes to aluminium windows and doors. They infuse a luxurious charm into both contemporary and traditional homes. These luxurious finishes work particularly well in modern and contemporary properties, where they can serve as a striking contrast to neutral colours.

Black and white aluminium windows
Traditional Dual Colour Aluminium Windows & Air Sliding Door, Weybridge

Dual-Colour Options and Customisation

Finally, dual-colour options are becoming increasingly popular. This trend allows for different colours on the interior and exterior of windows and doors, offering a high level of customisation. Black and white, this dual-colour classic, has been the colour scheme of choice for interior designers and fashionistas since the 1920s. Whether you want to match your interior decor or create a striking contrast, dual-colour options provide a wealth of possibilities.

Environmental factors should also be taken into account.

Aluminium windows are environmentally friendly and highly recyclable. They are energy-efficient and can help to reduce energy consumption.

Lastly, consider the impact of natural and artificial lighting on your chosen colours. The appearance of colours can change dramatically under different lighting conditions, so it’s crucial to test your colour choices in situ to ensure they look as expected throughout the day.

Durability and Maintenance of Coloured Finishes

The durability of the colours of your aluminium windows and doors is a key factor to consider. High-quality finishes are designed to withstand the elements and maintain their colour  over time.

pebble grey aluminium windows
Home Renovation with AirMOD RAL7032 Aluminium Windows and Triple Glazed Sliding Door, Bracknell

Low-Maintenance Colour Choices

Some colours are easier to care for than others in terms of maintenance. Darker colours, for instance, are less likely to show dirt and smudges than lighter ones. Choosing low-maintenance colours can save you time and effort in cleaning and upkeep, keeping your aluminium windows and doors looking their best with minimal effort.

Integrating Colours with Overall Design

Choosing the right colours for your aluminium windows and doors is about more than just following trends. It’s also about integrating these colours with the overall design of your home including the architectural style, interior design themes, and even the surrounding landscape.

Complementing Architectural Styles

The colour of your windows and doors can significantly influence the architectural style of your property. For instance, black or dark grey finishes can give a modern, sleek look, while classic white can complement various architectural styles. It’s important to consider how your chosen colours will work with the overall aesthetic of your property.

Colour Harmony with the Landscape

The colours of your windows and doors should also harmonise with the surrounding landscape. This can create a sense of cohesion and visual harmony. For example, earthy tones can blend well with natural surroundings, while bold colours can make a statement in urban settings.

The Future of Aluminium Window and Door Colours

Looking ahead, the future of aluminium window and door colours will likely be influenced by technological advancements and evolving design trends. We expect more eco-friendly paint options, and smart home integrations,

Sustainability continues to be a key concern in properties, colours that reflect ecological building practices may gain popularity. This includes natural tones and finishes that blend seamlessly with the environment.

Conclusion: Selecting the Right Colour for Your Home

Choosing the perfect colour for your aluminium windows and doors is crucial. It can significantly impact your home’s aesthetic appeal, resale value, and energy efficiency.

Contact our team today to learn more about our aluminium window colours and get professional, friendly advice. Or request an appointment at our Bracknell showroom. Our design team will be happy to assist you find the perfect aluminium windows and doors for your home.


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