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  • 16 / January

    FAQ: Is There a Limit to the Amount of Glazing I Can Have in an Extension?

    There is a stated guideline for an extension that the glass area must not exceed 25% of the overall floor area. However, this is a guideline and not a rule and there is a common misconception that this cannot be overcome. There are many ways to get around this issue to maximise the glazing in your extension and these are…

    Posted by Carly
    • 11 / January

      Blog: Glass Options

      Safety glass, acoustic glass, self-cleaning glass, privacy glass, the list is endless! You’ve already spent a considerable amount of time choosing your windows and doors, and now there’s glazing to consider too! There’s a plethora of glazing options available today, all designed to keep you safer, warmer and more comfortable, with the odd added luxury thrown in too. Glass can…

      Posted by Carly
      • 6 / January

        FAQ: Do I Need Planning Permission to Build a Glazed Extension?

        Many terms are used for a glazed extension these days including conservatory, orangery, lean-to, livin room or glass structure. Regardless of the description, they all fall under the same guidelines when it comes to planning permission for extending your home. Over the years, planning laws have changed and continue to do so. In recent times the majority of these changes have…

        Posted by Carly
        • 19 / December

          FAQ: What is the Difference Between In-Line Sliding Doors and Lift & Slide Doors?

          You may have heard a number of terms being banded around when looking for your sliding doors. These refer to the different types of operation and result in a variation in both their performance and looks. In-Line Sliding Doors are the conventional method that we are all familiar with. Normally in two, three or four panel configurations, the doors sit…

          Posted by Carly
          • 9 / December

            Blog: The Re-Birth of the Sliding Door

            Sliding patio doors have taken a bit of a backseat since the early 1990s. Considered old fashioned and passé, the market turned to the French Door for well over a decade. Then came the emergence of the bi-fold door in the UK, pushing its predecessor even further in to the shadows. However, the desire to integrate bi-folding doors in to…

            Posted by Carly
            • 25 / November

              Blog: What is the Benefit of a Factory Finished Timber Window?

              An engineered timber window is only as good as the environment it is built in. As discussed in our earlier blog, ‘What is the Difference Between Solid Timber and Engineered Timber?‘, the latter is by far the stronger, more robust of the two materials. Engineered timber is 60% stronger than solid timber, making it perfect for windows and doors where…

              Posted by Carly
              • 4 / November

                FAQ: What is the Difference Between Solid Timber and Engineered Timber?

                Engineered timber is created by joining three sheets of timber together, where the middle sheet sits against the grain of the one above and below it. This is known as laminated timber. Alternating the grain of the wood like this prevents the timber from moving, swelling, shrinking and warping, creating a very strong and stable piece of timber. The timber…

                Posted by Carly
                • 27 / October

                  FAQ: What is the new Part Q?

                  Part Q is the latest industry buzz word, but what does it mean and will it affect your project plans? Building regulation Part Q applies to new builds only (or where a new build is formed by a material change of use such as a renovation or refurbishment) and took effect on 1st October 2015 in England. Part Q does…

                  Posted by Carly
                  • 5 / October

                    Blog: When Was Your Property Built?

                    Anyone can make a dramatic visual change to the appearance of their home, regardless of the age or style of property. When was your property built? If you have a property that was built before 1950, it is likely that any changes made by the previous owners over the years have detracted from the original character of the building. A…

                    Posted by Carly
                    • 5 / October

                      Blog: Try Before You Buy Your New Windows – Yes, Really!

                      There’s no doubt that investing in new windows, doors or glazed extension is a bit of a daunting prospect. It can be overwhelming – especially in this time of information-overload that we live in. The research stage is probably the most fun. Who doesn’t love watching the likes of Kevin McCloud and George Clarke. Their passion and enthusiasm is enough…

                      Posted by Carly
                      • 3 / October

                        Blog: How To Choose The Right Doors

                        Deciding on the right doors for your home improvement project is often given little, or no consideration. A door is a door, right? Wrong! From single doors, to French doors, to sliders to bi-folds, deciding on what’s right for your project is essential. Often the size of the opening will dictate the style of door that’s right for your property….

                        Posted by Carly
                        • 22 / September

                          Blog: Timber-Look Joint – The Next Generation in Windows

                          The latest innovation in timber-alternative windows is a timber-look joint on the exterior frame. Timber-alternative windows are the perfect solution to the ongoing maintenance required with timber windows. They look just like the real thing – so much so, they have been approved for use in conservation areas where the character or appearance of the area must be preserved or…

                          Posted by Carly
                          • 11 / July

                            Blog: A Beginner’s Guide to Bi-Fold Doors

                            Bi-fold doors are a popular choice when looking to maximise space and light. The concertina design can literally open up an entire wall of glass, connecting the inside to the outside with a level threshold. When closed, the expanse of glass offers much bigger views in comparison to a standard window or door. In smaller properties, bi-folds will give the illusion…

                            Posted by Carly
                            • 14 / June

                              Blog: Choosing A New Front Door

                              Your front door is an important aspect of your home, both visually and practically. It serves a number of purposes, most of which we take for granted. It endures the scuffs of daily use, the battering of wind and rain, but ultimately, it protects you and your loved ones from uninvited visitors. Most people inherit their front door through the…

                              Posted by Carly
                              • 10 / June

                                Blog: How to choose the right retailer to install your windows and doors

                                Finding the right retailer to install your windows and doors is essential. Not only do you need to find a retailer with a solid reputation, you also need to find a company that can guide you through the latest window and door systems. What you have installed today, needs to last at least ten years, if not longer. So how…

                                Posted by Carly
                                • 10 / May

                                  Blog: Improving The Kerb Appeal Of Your Home

                                  First impressions count. Whether it’s tackling an overgrown front garden, replacing a tatty front door or changing rotting windows, if you’re looking to improve the kerb appeal of your home, these quick wins will give your house instant impact. Try to look at the front of your house with a critical eye. It’s easy not to notice things you live with…

                                  Posted by Carly
                                  • 10 / May

                                    Blog: 7 Things to Consider Before Choosing Your New Windows

                                    Updating your windows is a fantastic and immediate way of giving your home a makeover. New windows can jolt a tired, run-down property out of the dark ages and bring it bang up to date. Getting new windows right can be a hard decision. Getting it wrong can be costly and of course, you’ll need to live with your decision…

                                    Posted by Carly
                                    • 27 / April

                                      Blog: Passive House Explained in 90 Seconds

                                      We love this short 90 second video created by Hans-Jörn Eich. We have included the transcript below. While most people wouldn’t build to a full Passive House certification level, it is good practice to implement many of the ideals. High energy glazing is a good place to start! Passive House Explained in 90 Seconds Does your house have a heater in the…

                                      Posted by Carly
                                      • 27 / April

                                        FAQ: What is Secondary Glazing?

                                        Secondary glazing is a fully independent internal window, fitted on the room side of an existing window. The frames are slim but strong. They are made from durable aluminium and require little maintenance. Replacing your current windows isn’t always an option, particularly if you live in a listed building or conservation area. Secondary glazing gives you many of the benefits offered by…

                                        Posted by Carly
                                        • 8 / April

                                          FAQ: What are the benefits of triple glazing?

                                          What is triple glazing? Put simply, triple glazing is three panes of glass instead of just one (single glazing) or two (double glazing). What are the benefits of triple glazing? The energy efficiency of a window is measured as a u-value. The lower the u-value the more efficient your window is. A single glazed window will have a u-value of…

                                          Posted by Carly

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