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Should I Choose Double Or Triple Glazed Windows For My Hampshire Home?

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Posted by: David Wheeler

Triple Glazed Windows

Double Glazing & Triple Glazing in Hampshire, Berkshire and Surrey

Double glazing in Hampshire has long been the premium choice for homeowners looking for increased energy-efficiency from the windows in their homes. First invented in the USA back in the 1930s, “double glazing” became widespread across Hampshire and the rest of the UK in the 1970s.

These new style uPVC double glazed windows quickly became fashionable compared to single pane windows. Homeowners rushed to replace their old, draughty, and inefficient single glazed timber windows that were traditionally fitted as standard.

Today, double glazed windows are still extremely popular with our clients in Hampshire, Berkshire and Surrey. However, clients are now starting to source even more thermal efficient triple glazed window options as the desire to increase sustainability, save energy and of course money grows. The additional glass pane in triple glazing helps to minimise heat loss and keep the home even more comfortable all year round as we will now explore in more detail.

Triple Glazed Internorm Windows
Internorm Windows and Doors, New Build Home, Windsor

The Difference Between Triple and Double Glazing

Traditional double glazing features glazed, sealed units with two glass panes separated by a gas filler. Triple glazed windows have three panes of glass separated by gas fillers and benefit from lower U-Values and increased noise reduction and heat retention. Triple glazed windows also help to increase the value of a property and its security since they are more robust and harder to force or break through.

Double and triple glazing both provide high-quality, new glazing options that perform fantastically well although you can expect slightly improved values with triple glazing as you can see from the below potential ratings –

Potential energy ratings

  • Double Glazing: A+
  • Triple Glazing: A++

U values (thermal transmittance)

  • Double Glazing: 1.22
  • Triple Glazing: 0.80

G values (solar energy transmittance)

  • Double Glazing: 0.46
  • Triple Glazing: 0.40

To fully understand the benefit of these fantastic windows please visit our triple glazing windows product page.

You will need to consider a number of elements and conditions when choosing whether or not triple glazed windows are the right choice for your home in Hampshire, Surrey and Berkshire. Whilst the initial costs more expensive than double glazing, over the longer term the increased energy savings on energy bills and added property value often makes the additional investment in triple glazing worthwhile.

When deciding upon the choice of triple or double glazed windows for their homes in Hampshire clients also need to consider that the more modern style of triple glazed windows may not suit specific period properties. Indeed, triple glazing may not be a feasible choice within conservation areas so there is always lots to consider.

For more information and to discuss both our double and triple glazed windows please contact Thames Valley Windows or if you feel you are ready, you can ask one of our team for a free quotation today.

To provide some examples of our recent work, we will now provide an overview of some of our favourite triple glazed and double glazing windows installed in Hampshire.

triple glazed windows, Hampshire
Tilt and Turn Windows, Hampshire

Stylish Triple Glazed Windows in Basingstoke, Hampshire

We have a variety of stylish, triple glazed windows for our clients to choose from including those from the Internorm Home Pure Range. Our clients in Basingstoke needed to replace their existing timber-framed, double glazed windows that were over 20 years old. Having explored our full range of windows, our clients decided to install these stunning tripled glazed Internorm windows in their wonderful home in Basingstoke, Hampshire.

Internorm’s Home Pure Range windows are aluminium / uPVC composite windows that ship with triple glazing as standard. As a result they offer outstanding soundproofing as well as extremely low U-Values. The tilt and turn design makes cleaning these windows easy and as they can be fixed in position to allow the ventilation of spaces without compromising on security.

The Internorm Home Pure Range of windows are an excellent choice for any family home. Our clients are enjoying the benefits of triple glazing which have made their property in Basingstoke warmer and quieter than ever.

double glazing Hampshire
Black Art Deco Windows Approved by Planning for Period Cottage in Conservation Area, Hook

Period-Style Double Glazing In Hampshire

If you own a period property it may not be a feasible option to specify triple glazed windows for your home in Hampshire for a number of reasons. That said, double glazed windows still perform fantastically well and look equally stunning – you also have more choice of window styles to choose from. We have many double glazed window options suitable for installation in traditional, character homes that will enhance their appearance without detracting from their classic style.

One stunning example can be seen at our client’s family home in Hook, Hampshire. The property is in a conservation area so finding the “right” Art Deco-style windows was crucially important whilst making sure that we also fulfilled our client’s wish to make their home more energy efficient, sustainable and secure.

The perfect solution presented itself in the form of Heritage 47 aluminium windows with a black matt finish. This modern system replicates traditional steel frame windows from days gone by, with slim profiles and sightlines paired yet with 21st-century performance.

Corrosion resistant for minimal maintenance and highly secure thanks to the enhanced multi-point locking system, these absolutely stunning A+ energy rating Art Deco style double glazed windows ensured a stunning outcome that our clients truly cherished.

Internorm HF 310 Timber/Aluminium Composite Windows & HS 330 Lift and Slide Doors, Bishops Sutton
Internorm HF 310 Timber/Aluminium Composite Windows & HS 330 Lift and Slide Doors, Bishops Sutton

Internorm HF 310 Timber/Aluminium Composite Windows

Our in-house design team worked with our client’s architect to specify the contemporary glazing options for their new home in Bishops Sutton, Hampshire.

Having visited the Thames Valley Windows showroom to specify the windows and doors in more detail our clients eventually chose the absolutely stunning Internorm HF 310 timber / aluminium tilt & turn windows from the Home Soft range. To complement the windows they also chose the stunning Internorm HS 330 Lift & Slide Doors – a great combination!

These composite windows and doors from Internorm have a white, painted, timber interior with a matt finish anthracite grey (RAL 7016) on the outside. These Internorm windows are triple glazed, providing superb thermal and sound insulation and benefit from a triple gasket system ensuring maximum weather protection. Our client in Hampshire then opted for internal blinds mounted to the window frames. These blinds are neat and easy to operate and more practical with the inward opening nature of the window.

The final, end product was fantastic. Stunning new Internorm windows and doors for our clients in Bishops Sutton in Hampshire to enjoy for many years to come.

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We know that specifying new double or triple glazed windows can sometimes be difficult.

With so many types of windows to choose from in various different materials from different manufacturers, finding the right window for your home in Hampshire can sometimes be a daunting task. Call our team today on 0800 181 698 and speak to the experts. Arrange a visit to our Bracknell showroom so you can discuss your requirements and see at first hand the best options for your home.



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