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Timber or timber alternative? What windows are best suited to your Oxfordshire home?

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Posted by: David Wheeler

Timber Windows in Oxfordshire

A Selection Of Our Favourite Timber & Timber Alternative Projects in Oxfordshire

During the 1980s and 1990s, timber windows in Oxfordshire and the UK slowly fell from favour. Initially, the only option available, timber window frames, slowly fell by the wayside as uPVC options were introduced to the market and gained popularity. Homeowners found their old wooden timber windows draughty, insecure, and a poor choice for the modern home.

The positive news now is that timber windows have changed drastically over the last decade or so, and due to new manufacturing methods and choices of materials, timber windows are now being chosen wisely and installed regularly by our clients in Oxfordshire.

The timber windows we install in Oxfordshire have been designed to eliminate all the classic issues associated with old-style wooden timber frames. The most up-to-date products include engineered wooden windows handmade by talented craftsmen from European redwood or oak hardwoods for a traditional look with outstanding strength and security.

We also offer timber alternative windows made from a composite material that boasts all the style benefits of natural wood without any downsides

Timber Windows in Oxfordshire
Residence 9 (R9) Timber Alternative Windows, Henley-on-Thames, Oxfordshire

The Benefits of Timber Alternative Windows

Our composite products represent the perfect solution if you are looking for a contemporary alternative to timber windows in your Oxfordshire home. Our Residence 9 (R9) window installations in Oxfordshire replicate classic flush casement windows from the 19th century.

These stunning windows are as equally beautiful as the original timber flush casements but better suit modern homes in Oxfordshire thanks to their clean lines. Even better, these attractive windows require no long-term maintenance, making them a convenient option for your home. They possess outstanding acoustic and thermal performance, ensuring your house remains comfortable and cosy all year round.

Tilt and Turn Windows, Hampshire
Tilt and Turn Windows, Hampshire

Internorm Home Pure collection in Basingstoke

Our clients in Basingstoke were looking to replace their existing timber windows, which needed to be more efficient and attractive. They chose our uPVC/aluminium composite timber alternative windows from the Internorm Home Pure collection with square-edged sashes for maximum glazing and slim sightlines. Thanks to their efficient triple-glazing, these Internorm windows offer extremely low U-values, excellent soundproofing and unrivalled security features.

Another great advantage of these Internorm windows is their tilt-and-turn functionality. It is possible to lock them into an inward-tilted position to ventilate the property without compromising security. Owners can also open these windows inwards to allow maximum airflow through the home. Cleaning these Internorm windows is also effortless since there is no protruding hardware or visible locks.

Traditional Georgian Sash Windows, Farmhouse Renovation, Goring on Thames
Traditional Georgian Sash Windows, Farmhouse Renovation, Goring on Thames, Oxfordshire

Georgian Sliding Sash Windows in Oxfordshire

Georgian properties often need traditional sash windows so that they can remain in keeping with the style of the property and their neighbours and, of course, comply with local conservation regulations.

Our clients in Goring on Thames, Oxfordshire, were looking for replacement windows for their Georgian village home’s traditional sash windows. The replacement windows that our clients in Oxfordshire sourced to replace their existing period home windows would have to blend seamlessly with the local environment.

Many local homes are in conservation areas, so choosing suitable features and styles was crucial. Having lived with draughty windows for many years, our clients were keen to find new, energy-efficient, high-performance alternatives with improved acoustic and thermal performance that would preserve their homes’ history and character.

After considering the options, our clients selected our European redwood factory-finished timber Georgian sliding sash windows. The timber sliding sash windows were finished with cords, weights, and polished gold ironmongery to bring an authentic look to their home’s interior. The final impact was impressive, allowing natural daylight to flood the house whilst providing an airy and light interior.

The new timber sliding sash windows in Oxfordshire provide stunning, uninterrupted views whilst ensuring the home’s exterior appearance in Goring is perfectly retained.

Timber Sliding Sash Windows, Headington
Timber Sliding Sash Windows, Headington, nr. Oxford

Hardwood Sliding Sash Windows in Headington, Oxford

Engineered, European timber redwood sliding sash windows were the top choice for our client’s new rental property in Headington, near Oxford.

Our clients sought suitable replacement windows for the property’s unsightly aluminium windows. With their Victorian Georgian bars, deep bottom rail, chrome furniture, sash horns, and finger pulls, the new sliding sash windows add a traditional aesthetic to the house.

As an added benefit, the new sliding sash windows have also made the home warmer and more secure and now ensure that their tenants are safe and comfortable all year round.

 Bespoke Timber Windows, Oxfordshire
Mock Tudor House Renovation Benefits from Bespoke Timber Windows, Weybridge, Surrey

Stylish Replacement Timber Windows In Oxfordshire

At Thames Valley Windows, we are always proud to offer our clients across Oxfordshire and beyond a choice of beautiful, high-quality timber replacement windows.

We also provide modern, composite timber alternative windows to clients seeking to move away from timber. We are proud to help you bring your property into the 21st century without compromising aesthetics, style or performance. With a broad spectrum of finishes and colours for you to pick from, we are confident that we will work with you to modernise your home and improve its security, energy efficiency, at the same time.

Contact our team today to learn more about our product range and get professional, friendly advice.


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