21st February 2024

Pirnar CarbonCore Entrance Doors – Improvements and Comprehensive Range of Enhancements and Accessories

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Pirnar CarbonCore Entrance Doors - Improvements and Comprehensive Range of Enhancements and Accessories

The Pirnar CarbonCore entrance door, a recipient of the German Innovation Award 2022, stands as a testament to their commitment to exclusivity. It is the world’s most advanced and patented construction method designed exclusively for exterior doors. Carbon fibres, exceptionally light, stiff, and multiple times more potent than steel, are used in the most prestigious Pirnar entrance doors, as well as state-of-the-art aircraft. These doors, exclusive to Pirnar, do not warp in extreme weather conditions, such as the scorching sun or the coldest winters. They prevent draughts by providing better sealing and open and close effortlessly.

The award winning CarbonCore door is a testament to Pirnar’s commitment to quality and durability. It’s a unique innovation that combines two advanced technologies—a carbon fibre construction and the Magnet WeatherSeal magnetic seal. This door has been awarded an outstanding watertightness rating of 9A by the German testing laboratory Ift Rosenheim. It remains completely watertight even under a pressure of 600 Pa, equivalent to a 114 km/h wind speed. This means the CarbonCore door can withstand six times the load a conventional front door can handle, ensuring its longevity and value for money.

The CarbonCore carbon fibre construction brings stunning aesthetic and technical functionalities to Pirnar’s front doors:

Hidden Hinges:

Not only are the hinges robust and durable, but they are also perfectly level with the doors, creating a superior value.

Improved Sealing:

Compared to other manufacturers’ conventional constructions, the Weather Seal spring seals are six times more effective, enhancing the door’s sealing ability.

Stylish Black Colour:

All CarbonCore door leaf and frame elements have a stylish black finish.

Reinforced Threshold

A brand new threshold of carbon and aluminium,

This results in exceptional joint strength far exceeding the classic frame joint threshold.

All CarbonCore doors will come with new and improved cylinders, which provide the following significant benefits:

Improved Cylinders

The new cylinders are not just an upgrade but a significant step towards enhancing your home’s security. They now meet the RC2 security standard, even with their basic ARMO 1 lock system, providing you with peace of mind and ensuring the safety of your home. With Pirnar, you can rest assured that your home is secure.

• The new cylinders are certified according to the BS EN1303:2015 standard, receiving a 5/6 rating in the Key-Related Security category and the highest possible rating in the Attack Resistance category.

• The entry-level ARMO 1 cylinders now have a standard feature that enhances convenience-reversible keys. This means you’ll never have to fumble to find the right key before entering your home, making your daily routine much smoother.

• The ARMO 1 and ARMO 3 keys come elegantly branded with the Pirnar logo.


Smart App Integration: Our new smart app empowers you to control and monitor your entrance doors remotely. This feature enhances security by providing real-time updates on door status and adds a touch of modern convenience to our doors. If the door has integrated LED lighting, it can also be controlled through the app, allowing for personalised lighting settings. With Pirnar, you’re in control, no matter where you are.

1. Smart App Integration

NERO Black Applications in Stainless Steel: The NERO black handles have been available for a while. Our NERO black applications in stainless steel are the epitome of sophistication. They provide a sleek and stylish contrast, adding a touch of elegance to our already exquisite entrance doors. The NERO black finish on the stainless steel material gives it a modern and sleek look while ensuring its durability and longevity.

New Decor Finish – Corten: We are introducing a new decor finish – Corten, which beautifully mimics the weathered look of Corten steel. This finish adds a rustic charm to our doors, making them stand out and perfect for those seeking a unique and eye-catching entrance. The Corten finish is aesthetically pleasing and durable, ensuring the door’s longevity and resistance to weathering.

New Decor Finish - Corten

Arch in Carbon Core: Pirnar also offers an arched door or sidelight with Carbon Core profiles. This stunning combination of strength and aesthetics adds structural integrity to the doors and elevates their visual appeal.

Arch in Carbon Core

These accessories are now available to complement our entrance doors, providing an array of options.

If you want to know more or the price for Pirnar CarbonCore entrance door we’re here to help. Contact us for more information on our range of Pirnar entrance doors doors or to request a free, no-obligation quote today.


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