Solarlux Aluminium Lift and Slide Doors – SL 160

The new aluminium lift and slide doors from Solarlux combines excellent heat insulation with maximum functionality and aesthetics. Durable stainless steel rollers and tracks ensure maximum ease of use, even with large panel dimensions. The lift & slide mechanism allows for smooth movement and the  integrated brush cleans the system every time it is opened and closed. The doors drop down in to the track for a more positive seal when closed. The SL 160 doors can be locked in to any position along the track which protects the system from being tampered with and is a great safety feature when children are around.

Design Features

  • Depth 160 mm
  • Special surrounding frame with multi-function zone
  • Comfort control
  • Locking zone without visible screws
  • Rollers with integrated brush for cleaning the stainless steel tracks
  • Weight up to 400 kg
  • Max panel height up to 3400 mm with max. panel width of 3200 mm
  • Glass thickness up to 48 mm
  • Lift and slide door / window
  • Double panel application
  • Available with fixed windows or fixed panels
  • Glazing with heat insulation glass, Uw = 1,1 W/m2K

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