11th January 2017

Blog: Glass Options

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Posted by: Carly

Safety glass, acoustic glass, self-cleaning glass, privacy glass, the list is endless! You’ve already spent a considerable amount of time choosing your windows and doors, and now there’s glazing to consider too!

There’s a plethora of glazing options available today, all designed to keep you safer, warmer and more comfortable, with the odd added luxury thrown in too.

Glass can be dangerous and therefore it will be of no surprise that safety glass is a mandatory requirement in some areas of the home. Safety glass must be able to resist an impact of 45kg without breaking. Or it must break safely meaning that it should not shatter in to smithereens. Laminating the glass will ensure that should the glass receive impact, instead of breaking, it will fracture, but the broken fragments will remain bonded. This is useful as a deterrent against burglary and vandalism.

Acoustic glass is becoming increasingly popular which is no surprise. Noise pollution is a growing concern for home owners, particularly if they live on or near a busy road or motorway, or close to an airport. Acoustic glass considerably reduces that noise. It can be used externally, internally and even in roof glazing which can help on those days when the rain is really going for it!

Another glazing option is self-cleaning glass – or Active Glass. Probably not a window cleaner’s first choice but for the savvy homeowner, glass that cleans itself will save on maintenance and mean that your views remain uninterrupted. This glass has a transparent coating which reacts with UV rays. Rainwater spreads evenly over the glass, breaks down any dirt and simply rinses the dirt away. In drier months, hosing the glass down will have the same affect. Self-cleaning glass is best used in roofs where the rain falls directly on to the glass. In vertical elements, the rain will not fall evenly and this will leave the units streaky. It is also worth noting that detergent cleaners should not be used on active glass and it shouldn’t be touched too much. Another reason why it is best left in roofs, out of reach.

Homeowners, designers and architects are starting to explore the many options available with privacy glass. At the flick of a switch, clear glass becomes opaque. An open space becomes a private space. Perfect for open-plan living.

I’ve only touched on a few of the many glazing options available today. Please contact us if you’d like to discuss your project with one of Designers.


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