Halo Front Door, Farnborough

Location: Farnborough

Our client was looking to enhance the entrance to their property with a new front door in Farnborough.

The owners of the house had not replaced the door for some years, and the fixings were no longer secure, and it clearly needed a transformation, so the owners contacted us and visited our showroom in Bracknell.

This clean, fresh-looking Halo Front Door in Farnborough was chosen by our client and is similar to the previous door and the neighbouring houses, offering a classic style and a more modern look and feel. The agate grey finish on the outside is complementary to the rest of the property, while the white on the inside provides a fresh feel to the interior of their home. The owners chose a chrome lever and letterbox.

The Georgian-style frame at the top of the front door is classic and allows plenty of natural light to enter the hallway. Our client said: “I love our new door – the guys who installed our door were very nice and did a very good job”.

We have a range of Halo Front Doors in our showroom, in a variety of colours, and our designers would be happy to show how your house would look with a different coloured front door. What does your front door say about you?

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