Low Cost Windows, Hampshire

Location: Hampshire

The owner of this house in Hampshire chose Halo System 10 uPVC windows to give their property a whole new, modern look, as well as a Modo composite front door to complete the transformation.

The high-performance Halo low cost windows in Hampshire combine a classic aesthetic with contemporary techniques to produce windows that excel in making your home safe and warmer all year round.

These windows from our Essentials range are designed to the highest standards with a white, smooth finish both outside and in and clean, sleek lines, the Halo double-glazed windows ensure optimal thermal performance. The client selected French windows in their kitchen, with their 90-degree angle opening floating mullion for maximum air ventilation and natural light. For their bathroom window, they selected the obscured Opal glass feature.

Not unsurprisingly, this Hampshire home’s owners also wanted optimal security, and the Halo range delivers in this respect too since they’re custom-built to ensure excellent safety. They’re also resistant naturally to atmospheric corrosion, rot and mould, so these windows will last a long time with virtually no maintenance required.

Most homeowners desire beauty, efficiency and simplicity in their home, with more people than ever before choosing contemporary, modern styles. However, beyond appearances, we also demand high efficiency, excellent durability and outstanding functionality. Here at Thames Valley Windows, we’re proud to offer you numerous design solutions to suit your needs, so visit our Bracknell showroom today to learn more.

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