24th June 2021

How to Replace a uPVC Window Latch

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uPVC double glazed windows are long-lasting and durable, but sometimes the window latch can stop working and needs to be replaced with a new one. Rather than installing a brand new replacement window, follow our step by step guide to replacing a uPVC window latch with ease.

uPVC Window Latch

Get the Right Parts

The first thing you will need to do is find a like for like replacement handle for your window. The reason you need to do this is not just because you want your energy-efficient windows to be uniform in appearance but because you will want to be certain that the part you buy will fit your current window.

The majority of window latches and handles are universal and can be found in your local DIY store, but if your windows are more unique, then you may need to contact a window installation service to get them to complete the work for you.

The main types of handles are Espagnolette handles, and Cockspur handles:

  • Espagnolette handles are the most commonly used for uPVC windows and offer a multipoint lock, and uses shoot bolt rods for extra safety and security. Each type of Espagnolette comes with a spindle of varying length, so when you are looking to replace it, make sure you either measure the spindle properly or take the entire unit to the shop with you so that you can make sure your replacement is the perfect match.
  • Cockspur handles are mostly found on casement windows. These handles work by pushing a wedged block that then blocks and closes the window. To get a replacement for this, you will need to measure the gap under the nose of the handle and make sure that the new one sits in the exact same place for it to work properly.

Get the Right Tools

Before you can remove and replace the handle and latch, you will need to make sure that you have the right tools for the job. The good news is that the only thing you will need is a correctly sized screwdriver! You can check the packaging to find out the size you will need.

Let’s Get Started

When you are ready to complete the replacement, you will need to have the window open, with the handle at the open position. Next, you will need to remove the screw covers to expose the screws underneath. These little caps pop off easily with the help of a narrow tool.

Next, unscrew all the screws but keep a firm hold of the handle so that it doesn’t fall. When all the screws are out, you will find that the handle comes away easily, and the area can be cleaned ready for the new handle.

When everything is clean, you can place the new handle in the same place as the old one and then screw it into place. If the new handle comes with screw caps, then you will need to snap these into place too.

Finally, check the mechanism works and the window opens, shuts and locks properly. When this is all checked, you’re finished!

What If My Replacement Doesn’t Work?

If you find that the window handle doesn’t work, then double-check that you have followed all the steps above correctly and that you have installed the same handle into the window. If this is all correct, but the handle doesn’t work, or the lock still fails, then you may need to call out a professional who can assess the problem and provide you with a quote to complete the work.

If the issue cannot be fixed, then you may need to consider a replacement window or a replacement section to get everything working properly again. It’s important to remember that you should always seek the advice of a window specialist because they will be more likely to be able to fix it than a handyman or general contractor.

TV Windows Are Here for You

If you are in need of some support to change your handles or you need advice on replacing your windows, then the team at TV Windows is here for you. We offer a no-obligation quotation service and will work hard to achieve the results you need. Check out our website now or get in touch to ask any questions, we look forward to working with you.


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