12th December 2022

Steel-Look Doors – Industrial-Style Internal Doors

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Our Sales Director Paul Mills at Thames Valley Windows talks about Industrial-Style Internal Doors.

Video Transcription

So, today, we’re going to be looking at the two different entrance doors that we have on display here. And on this side, we have the more classic look; these are transom bars, and they are physically holding this lock box in place so that the handle, this is big enough to accommodate the handle. This is that classic Crittall look that you would see on a classic Crittall door, with the thick transom bars there.

On this door, we have the skinnier… these are actually called astragal bars because they’re purely aesthetic; they’re not actually performing a function as that one is. So, in this case, and this is unique to Aluco, is that this is what’s called a floating lock box, where it’s designed not to have to be held in by these bars, so these bars are just purely there for aesthetics. Because of that, it means we can have a much skinnier look to it, which some people find preferable. But it is purely an aesthetic choice at the end of the day, and whichever way you go, either of these solutions would look beautiful in any premium project.

So, these doors need to be seen to really understand the quality of them. So, do please come down and join us at our showroom. Grab a coffee and a croissant with us, and see for yourselves what these doors can do.


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