aïr MOD Heritage, Cement Grey Windows, rejuvenate a Double Gable House, Hindhead

Location: Hindhead

This stunning double-gabled house has been modernised to include double glazed  aïr MOD Heritage RAL7033 cement grey windows and patio doors to complement the traditional architecture.

The property is nestled within a stunning rural corner of Hindhead. After purchasing it in 2021, the Hindhead homeowners carried out an extensive refurbishment to restyle their new home to suit their decor and lifestyle.

The Hindhead homeowners were ready to replace the property’s original white uPVC led windows and doors with new energy-efficient double glazing that remained true to the aesthetics of their traditional property.

Impressed by a Thames Valley Windows installation at a family member’s home, they decided to contact Thames Valley Windows for a free, no-obligation quote.

Part of the homeowners’ brief was that they knew they did not want uPVC windows; they wanted double glazed windows with slimmer sightlines.

Our sales director, Paul, worked closely with the Hindhead homeowners to design a complete architectural aluminium glazing solution throughout their home.

The Hindhead homeowners decided they liked the look of the minimalist aesthetic design of the aïr MOD Heritage aluminium windows finished in a dual colour of powder-coated cement grey on the outside and pure white on the inside.

Combining modern technology with period charm, they also chose an art-deco style Georgian astragal bar and a combination of antique black connoisseur inline handles with an enhanced Secured by Design multi-point locking system that BSI independently tests.

With the dual colour option confirmed, Paul designed a modern double glazing solution of aïr MOD externally glazed casement windows with even sightlines throughout the house, combining fixed and opening casement windows.

The glass units in the dual-coloured aïr MOD Heritage windows and doors are A-rated, toughened, have a low emissivity coating and are filled with argon gas and a warm-edge spacer bar. They provide long-lasting thermal efficiency and increase the home’s overall energy performance.

Cement Grey colour is a modern industrial mid-to-dark tone grey with a calm, architectural green-grey feel.

Cement grey windows have emerged as a defining feature in modern architectural design. They offer a sleek, industrial aesthetic that complements both traditional and contemporary properties.

The industrial design trend has been gaining traction in residential and commercial buildings, and cement grey windows fit perfectly into this aesthetic.

aïr MOD Heritage aluminium windows are not just windows, they are a modern luxury, a 21st-century interpretation of Art Deco style windows. Their unique design and high-quality aluminium profile set them apart from other glazing solutions.

Whether you own a period property or a new build, aïr MOD Heritage aluminium windows are a versatile choice. They can replace your windows or add a touch of luxurious heritage to your house, all while maintaining a perfect balance between classic and contemporary styles.

The slim aluminium frames are available in a vast selection of colours to suit your design needs, whether you want to match your home decor or create a striking contrast. With the option to choose any RAL colour, you can even select a dual colour option for a different internal frame colour to match the décor in your home, empowering you to create a window that is uniquely yours.

The MOD Heritage window, often called a ‘steel-look window ‘, has stood the test of time. aïr updated the classic Art Deco design using aluminium frames to offer impressive 21st-century performance benefits while maintaining a traditional period style.

With MOD Heritage, you can enhance the traditional period look of your home while significantly improving the energy efficiency and performance of your windows. The thermally-broken aluminium profile ensures excellent insulation, allowing you to enjoy a comfortable living space while reducing energy bills.

Like all products in the aïr range, MOD Heritage windows are not just about style. They are about performance and durability. Crafted with high-performance aluminium frames and superior glazing, they offer strength, security, energy efficiency, and durability, instilling confidence in their long-term performance.

The end result is stunning. It is a traditional property that exudes elegance and quiet sophistication. The cement grey window frames complement the brickwork and embody symmetry and balance, which have enhanced the overall aesthetics and added a real wow factor.

The minimal glazing solution transforms the detached property into a light, traditional home meeting all the requirements of modern living.

Look at the ‘before’ picture in our gallery above for the transformation.

The Hindhead homeowners are not just satisfied, they are delighted with the cement grey windows and doors and advised

When we started looking for windows we knew we didn’t want uPVC and we also knew that we wanted to replace all the leaded style windows with something sleeker allowing more light in. We were aware of TV Windows as you had completed a project for my relatives, we liked the design used there and believed it would work here and indeed it has. We also wanted to move away from white outside but wanted the clean white lines inside and these aluminium Heritage windows offered us the chance to do this.
The process from design to installation was efficient and the results are stunning, we have had numerous complements from neighbours and have passed on your details to a few people. We are very happy with the outcome and pricing was appropriate for the works.

Their positive experience is a testament to the quality and performance of our products.

With more than four decades of experience, Thames Valley Windows have a proven track record of delivering high-quality, bespoke glazing solutions. Our unmatched expertise and commitment to excellence set us apart.

We advise customers from inception to completion, consistently managing all our projects to the highest quality and care throughout to rebuild client trust and confidence in the project’s completion.

Our commitment to delivering only the best has resulted in repeat business, enviable testimonials, and over 500 Trustpilot Reviews. We believe that in the glazing industry, there is no substitute for experience.

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