1st November 2022

Eco House Improvements That add Value to your Home

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Eco House Improvements That add Value to your Home

We are thrilled that one of our Eco House projects for a grand oak timber framed new build in Streatley was featured in the recent Homebuilding & Renovating Magazine.

Eco House
The Streatley new build was designed to reduce carbon footprint and consume less energy than it uses. The house can generate renewable energy to reduce utility bills with solar panels, an air source heat pump, and triple-glazed windows.

The energy-efficient timber frame eco-friendly house was built with locally sourced building materials and traditional methods that date back to Neolithic times.

The article highlights how eco-friendly homes built with sustainable materials or properties that make green upgrades of solar panels and an air source heat pump could increase a property’s value by up to £8000.

Scottish Power and WWF research has revealed how much value can be added to an eco-friendly home. However, installing these sustainability-sourced heating systems and solar panels can be expensive.

If you are thinking of starting an eco house build with natural materials and want some house design inspiration, this is a great article with lots of information. You may also be interested in Guide to Green and Eco-Friendly Renovations.


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