23rd August 2021

Kerb Appeal Ideas for Modern and Period Properties

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Press Release: August 2021

Are you looking for some kerb appeal ideas for your home? whether selling a house or needs some ideas and inspiration on window and door maintenance, we take a closer look at options in our latest press release.

kerb appeal ideas

With over 35 years of expertise within the glazing industry, Thames Valley Window Company is renowned for high-quality Timber, uPVC and Aluminium frames and excellent performance front doors to suit all property types.

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For properties that are in need of an exterior update, Managing Director of Thames Valley Window Company, Ryan Schofield reveals his top tips and kerb appeal ideas for adding instant appeal to homes.

kerb appeal ideas

1. Revamp the Front Door

“It’s important to note that all properties have a face value, particularly traditional houses. Don’t underestimate the impact of the colour of your door on the overall look of the property. Keep the style of the house in mind, as the wrong colour can devalue the property or reduce its appeal. In the long run, it is best to restore the authenticity of the property and add value rather than go for a bright on-trend hue. Neutral shades of grey and soft sage greens work well for period houses, as they reflect their natural surroundings and are in keeping with the history of the home.”

kerb appeal ideas

1. Maintain windows

“Peeling paintwork and dirty windows can make a property look tired and run down. In order to maintain the aesthetics and practicality of your windows, it’s important to clean the frames once or twice a year, although you may need to do this a little more if you live near the sea where salt exposure is high, or if you live in a busy city and are close to major roads or industrial sites.”

Thames Valley Window Company offers an extensive range of front doors for traditional and modern properties with a huge array of RAL colours, glass inserts and handles to choose from. Windows are available in a range of designs inclusion sash and tilt and turn styles in uPVC, Timber and Aluminium frames.

kerb appeal ideas


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