21st March 2017

Blog: Timber Bi-Folds

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Posted by: Carly

Timber has long been associated with windows and front doors but not necessarily bi-folding doors.

Timber bi-folds are as versatile as the more well-known aluminium bi-folds when it comes to colour and double and triple glazing options, and can suit both a contemporary and traditional setting.

Timber bi-fold doors are typically available in Spruce (softwood) or Meranti (hardwood) but also many other types of wood including Oak.

Timber/aluminium composite bi-fold doors are also available. These provide the warm look and feel of wood on the inside, with a powder coated aluminium clad maintenance-free exterior. Some composite bi-fold doors can achieve ultra-low u-values with triple glazing, making them suitable for Passive House projects.

Unfortunately, due to the popularity of aluminium, many timber bi-folds are produced by joinery firms and fabricators and not bi-fold specialists. These are made using traditional techniques, rather than fully engineered timber. One of the main problems with this is the lack of stability provided by normal timber. Typically this also means they have adapted a standard single or French door sash which can create heavy sightlines when combined together. The hinges and tracks can also be a bit of an afterthought. Ultimately, the ‘idea’ of the product is there but the execution and end result may not be what you imagined!

A Bi-Folding Door is still a specialist product regardless of its material type and make up. To get the best result out of any product it is essential that it is installed correctly. Some joinery products or cheaper timber systems can end up being fitted by carpenters or window installers. Although no less skilled in their work, the lack of experience with laser levelling day in day out and the intricacies of these products, can create potential problems.

Those of us with timber windows know how hard they can be to maintain and operate in certain weathers or simply because they’re past their best. Imagine that struggle with a large timber bi-folding doors!


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