• 1 / September

    Green Homes Grant – Energy Efficient Windows and Doors

    From today, Tuesday 1st September 2020 any homeowners or Landlords who want to take advantage of the Green homes grant for energy efficient windows and doors can now check eligibility and find home improvements online. There is now a Government Endorsed website providing more information on the Green Homes Grant which is There is also a Freephone Hotline available…

    Posted by tina
  • 1 / August

    Guest Post: Planning home improvements during COVID-19? Check the Building Regulations first.

    According to a recent survey, three in four homeowners are carrying out home improvements during the pandemic. While many smaller jobs require only a socially-distanced trip to the DIY shop, some home improvements will also need building regulations sign-off. More extensive building work may also require planning approval. Homeowners must check whether they comply with the building regulations for specific…

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  • 24 / July

    Juliet Balcony Doors – A Glossary

    What is the best style of Juliette balcony doors? French doors or bifold doors that open internally or sliding doors? We have put together some benefits worth knowing when weighing up your choices. Read on to find out about the history of Juliet balconies and different door options. A Touch of European Charm O Romeo, Romeo, wherefore art thou Romeo?…

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  • 18 / July

    Is the Green Home Grant Scheme All It Could Be?

    On July 8th the Government announced the Green Home Grant Scheme an initiative to help homeowners, landlords and tenants to reduce the costs of upgrading their property with more environmentally friendly improvements.   This isn’t the first time this type of energy-efficient scheme has been launched. In 2012 a similar Green Deal was supposed to of been an initiative that…

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  • 13 / July

    Six Types of Conservatory Roofs to Consider

    When looking to extending your home or add extra living space with a bespoke conservatory or modern contemporary orangery, you will need to consider which conservatory roof is the best option. Or maybe it is time for replacing your polycarbonate roof. With innovation in glass technology, there is a diverse range of roof styles to choose from. Then you will…

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  • 29 / March

    Guide to Remote Work and Well-being during COVID-19 Lockdown

    Are you feeling overwhelmed by the Covid-19 UK lockdown with remote work and well-being? With many homeowners following the government’s advice to stay home and stay safe by reducing social interaction with many employees working remotely. The reality is that we are in social isolation and staying inside in your own house for most of the day is here for…

    Posted by tina
  • 3 / February

    French Windows – A Glossary

    If you’re looking for elegant and timeless replacement windows, French windows maybe your best option a grand, luxury double glazed window design for your property which acts as a fantastic focal point and lets natural light flood into your home. Surprisingly affordable, these double glazed window systems are often referred to as ‘French doors’ in some cases. This is because…

    Posted by tina
  • 24 / January

    FENSA Certificate for Windows – Choose an Approved Installer

    Replacing and installing windows doors is a home improvement project that should only ever be installed by reputable double glazing installers.  FENSA certificate for windows the survey, installation of energy-efficient double glazing is an assurance that you receive the best quality and what’s more, you’re going to need to know that the expertise and service you receive are of a…

    Posted by tina
  • 29 / December

    Secondary Glazing Benefits for Noise Reduction

    Secondary glazing is one of the best replacement windows for noise reduction. As most of the external noise we hear enters into our home through closed windows, homeowners presume the ideal solution would be to replace them. By replacing windows with double or triple glazed window frames will not necessarily reduce noise. If you’re looking for noise-reducing windows for your…

    Posted by tina
  • 30 / November

    Standard Window Sizes v Bespoke Made to Measure?

    Are all Windows Standard Size? When replacing existing windows, or installing new double glazed windows, homeowners ask the question does my home have standard window sizes? Technically there are no standard window sizes for every property in the UK. While some window manufactures and DIY retail stores stock ready-made standard window sizes, this can cause confusion to homeowners looking to…

    Posted by tina
  • 31 / October

    Replacement Windows – Winter Is on Its Way!

      With temperatures dropping, now is the time to order replacement windows and doors for your home! During autumn we need to make sure that our homes are prepared for the cold winter months to come. As the sunny summer mornings start to become a distant memory and we start to feel a chill in the autumn air, you may…

    Posted by tina
  • 24 / September

    Architectural 3D Visualisation Service for Home Improvements

    Our in-house architectural  3D visualisation service is a unique, one-of-a-kind visualisation software within the double-glazing window industry. Thames Valley Window company identified a need to provide a quality visualisation design service to residential customers for home improvements. We have been creating and offering this architectural 3D visualisation service for over 20 years, and it has evolved from traditional paper, pens…

    Posted by tina
  • 28 / August

    Fenestration – A Glossary

    If you work within the working in the construction industry, you will be familiar with the concept of fenestration. However, it can often receive a misconceived definition. ‘Fenestra’, a Latin word that means ‘Window’. Fenestration is an architectural term and refers to the openings in a building’s façade and refers to the quality of any fenestration products that brings heat…

    Posted by tina
  • 7 / August

    Types of Windows – A Glossary

    There are many different types of windows to choose from! Whether you have a modern or traditional home in Berkshire, Hampshire, Surrey and beyond, the type of double glazed or triple glazed windows you choose is an essential component of the architectural design of the property. The right windows will not only allow natural light to enter into your living…

    Posted by tina
  • 6 / June

    BLOG: Aluminium Flush Casement Windows – emerging technologies to look out for

    Aluminium Flush Casement Windows – emerging technologies to look out for. There comes a time when we want more from a window than just looking through it! We want style, high security and thermal efficiency, and of course, long life durability. There has been much revolution in the window industry over the last few years with a big increase in…

    Posted by Leanne
  • 21 / March

    BLOG: How to choose your new windows this Spring

    Whether you’re planning a brand-new self-build, undertaking a conversion or renovating a property, how to choose your new windows is too important to be an afterthought. We all know that windows are crucial to the look and character of any home – from contemporary feature windows that make a bold statement to discreet styles that blend sympathetically with a period…

    Posted by Leanne
  • 12 / September

    Blog: Thinking about home renovations: Extending your home with confidence. 

    Extending your home can significantly improve it and can add substantial value to your property. Plus, if you love where you live, extending can breathe new life into the home you love. There comes a time when your home becomes a bit of a squeeze. Maybe growing children are filling the house with their friends, toys and noise and making the…

    Posted by Leanne
  • 24 / July

    Blog: So, what is the difference between softwood and hardwood timber?

    You’d be forgiven for having a look at the title of this article and having a little chuckle to yourself, thinking we’ve completely lost the plot! Surely softwood is soft and hardwood is hard, no? It can’t be much simpler than that, you might think. But no, the terms softwood and hardwood timber don’t refer to the density or hardness…

    Posted by Carly
  • 18 / June

    Blog: Conservatories Are Still Cool (even in the Summer!)

    A lot of people associate the idea of a Conservatory with a cheap looking, over-fussy extension that is out of date, too hot in the summer and too cold in the winter. If designed correctly, a Conservatory doesn’t need to be any of these things. A Conservatory can be very current, either in a traditional or contemporary design, and can…

    Posted by Carly
  • 1 / November

    Blog: Window Condensation

    At this time of year, we see an increase in the number of calls regarding condensation. Many people find that with their new windows, comes condensation, and this is often an unwelcome surprise. Although it may not be welcome, do be assured that condensation on the inside and/or outside of your windows is proof that your new windows are doing…

    Posted by Carly

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