aïr Lift & Slide Doors, Henley on Thames

Location: Henley on Thames

Our client’s motivations for installing aïr Lift & Slide Doors in Henley on Thames was when they decided to remodel their home.

The owners wanted to open the existing space with a wider and less obstructive view of their garden, and chose the aïr Lift & Slide Doors in Henley on Thames as a perfect solution. With their superb quality, flexibility and security, the owners were extremely happy with their choice, stating “the best product at a good price”. They continued, “they are easy to open, stylish, and with a narrow centre upright, the view is as open as possible”. They approached our designers for suggestions on how to enhance their newly modelled living space and visited our showroom in Berkshire to experience the beauty and functionality of our lift and slide doors.

The anthracite grey aluminium frames and satin silver handles were in keeping with the property style and outdoor area creating a greater sense of space and light. The remodelled part of the property in Henley on Thames is used as the hub of the home throughout the year with their wonderful aesthetic appeal, these double-glazed sliding doors mean their home is warmer and more secure.

Not only can you immerse yourself in our well-presented showroom, we also offer architectural design services with 3D visualisations of what your property could look with newly fitted double glazing windows and doors.

Come and visit us in Bracknell and realise the possibilities are endless!

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