aïr LS500 Glass Sliding Doors, Abingdon

Location: Abingdon

This project focused on enhancing an old barn conversion in Abingdon where we installed aïr LS500 Glass Sliding Doors. The owners had used old glass doors from another part of their property when converting the barn some years ago. They approached our designers to suggest how to enhance their living room with new double glazing, addressing the climate problems they were encountering, especially from extreme weather.

Our client chose aïr for the superb quality, flexibility and security. The beige grey aluminium frames were in keeping with the style and surrounding landscape of the property creating a greater sense of space and light. Used as a living room throughout the year, our clients especially chose the narrow sightline for its slim lines and overall aesthetic appeal. The double glazed doors mean their home is now warmer and more secure.

The owners are absolutely delighted with their new aïr LS500 Glass Sliding Doors in Abingdon, quoting the doors look great, so much so that I have removed the curtains that I had up at the old windows protecting us from the cold weather.” He added, I was impressed with the survey of the building by Thames Valley Windows’s surveyor, and it was conducted extremely carefully and effectively…”

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