Composite Front Door, Crowthorne

Location: Crowthorne

Our client was looking to enhance the entrance to their property with a new red Composite front door in Crowthorne.

The owners of the house had not replaced the door for some years and the fixings were no longer secure and it clearly needed a transformation, so the owners contacted us and visited our showroom.

The style of this new red Composite front door in Crowthorne was chosen by the client and is similar to their previous door and the neighbouring houses, offering a classic style and much more modern look and feel. The dark red on the outside of this Composite front door in Crowthorne is vibrant, while the white on the inside provides the more classic feel to the interior of the property. The clients chose a chrome lever and letterbox.

We have a range of Composite Front doors in our showroom, in a variety of colours, and our designers would be happy to show how your house would look with a different coloured front door. What does your front door say about you?

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