Curtain Walling, The Rebellion Beer Company, Marlow Bottom

Location: Marlow Bottom

This is the Brewhouse at The Rebellion Beer Company in Marlow Bottom. The original entrance had large wooden doors which can be seen in the ‘before’ photo in the gallery above. These needed to be removed to allow for the ‘mash tun’ and ‘copper’ tanks to fit. Even with the legs removed, they were bigger than the original entrance!

It was decided that the wooden doors would be replaced with Curtain Walling. Curtain Walling is an aluminium commercial framing suited to larger openings and high traffic situations. This looks much smarter and the full height of the windows means that the tanks can be seen by visitors arriving at the brewery on foot and by car. Tours of the brewery are also taken through this entrance. The tanks will eventually be illuminated which will look pretty impressive at dusk!

Quite the transformation!

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