Double Glazing, Andover

Location: Andover

For the happy owners of this property built in the 1950s and made of traditional red brick and of a classic design, their goal was to modernize the property with a new lease of life. This couple contacted us as Thames Valley Windows to help them realise their vision.

Their ideal look for the red brick property was to find a contemporary design rich in style that would allow for an open air living room flooded with natural light. However, they did not want to lose out on insulation and so they also wanted windows that could keep the heat inside the home during winter months.

Following our recommendations, they chose ultra low U-Value composite Double Glazing in Andover, in a contemporary style, which are lined in DM02 metallic grey to give a sharp and visual contrast of style alongside the interiors new look and design. The Internorm HF310 Home Pure Windows, a design that sports a beautiful aluminium exterior with warm and classic timber frames internally, was then chosen as the focal point upon which all other design decisions would be made. The new extension on the home’s exterior was fitted with narrow bi-folding doors in a DB703 finish and with double glazing. The step from the home to the patio was finished with a fully weathered threshold to prevent heat loss.

The couple love their new, modern, and sleek home, and let us know that “We are very happy with our new windows. They look fantastic and we have even had to turn the thermostat down a couple of degrees! This bodes well for reducing our long term heating costs and justifying our investment. We really appreciate the professional service that Thames Valley Windows has provided.”

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