Double Glazing, Burghfield

Location: Burghfield

Located near Reading in Berkshire, this lovely cottage in Burghfield has been renovated with an updated look, including double glazing windows. Wanting to remain faithful to the cottage’s style and authentic features, we succeed in bringing to the home the best of both worlds.

First, we replaced the windows on this Burghfield property with wood- effect uPVC double glazing windows from Evolution. This window requires minimal upkeep and features a flush casement and wood-like joints, harking back to the looks of a traditional wooden window. The frames are finished in a natural wood on the exterior and white on the interior. One Georgian bar was placed on the outside. Pewter coloured iron handles provided a traditional finishing touch.

The wood-alternative front door was Olive Grey coloured with a black iron door knocker, mailbox and finger-pull handle.

All of these updated features provide added security to the home. The uPVC double glazing on this Burghfield home also contributed in making the home more warm and quiet. It also provided extra security. One of the benefits, however, is how long lasting these renovations will be. Due to the low maintenance required by double glazing windows, they will look new and fresh for many years to come.

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