Double Glazing, Effingham

Location: Effingham

Almshouses in Effingham have a fascinating history. Built in the 1700s, these charming cottages were originally built with the intent to house those in need. Today, these Almshouses are gradually becoming modernised with new double glazing timber windows and hardwood front doors.

Over the years, the single glazed timber flush casement windows on these Effingham cottages have been replaced many times. Due to this, much of the authentic style and charm which was characteristic of these cottages has been lost. Looking to retain the style of centuries past while making sure the windows remained efficient, we began to search how best to renovate these windows.

We decided to equip the seven cottages in Effingham with flush casement timber Double Glazing in Effingham. Using double glazing ensures extra solid protection from the elements as well as providing noise reduction. The exterior of the frames are black, and the casements are white, giving the windows a Tudor feel. This style keeps in line with the structure’s original features. Ironmongery with a weathered black finish is used to complement the period look.

Additionally, we also installed a new solid hardwood front door. In the photo above you can see the Effingham cottage style entrance with arched features over a glazed area. You can also see how the second entry has a much more modern square shaped design.

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