Double Glazing, Thursley

Location: Thursley

Located in Thursley the owners wished to install uPVC Double Glazing windows in place of the original wooden windows. Evolution Flush Timber Alternative windows were used to maintain the essence and charm of a 19th century home, known as Lilac Cottage.

Our designer and client collaborated and considered various options. It was important that the new double glazing window offered strong protection and was properly insulated from outside traffic noises. It was also vital to our client that the windows maintain the cottage’s authentic Thursley characteristics. Thus, they chose a classic flush casement double glazing window. The client decided that uPVC Double Glazing windows from Evolution Windows was the best choice, as it honoured the elegance of the original woodwork, while also having the benefit of requiring minimal upkeep.

The exterior of the double glazing in Thursley is finished in a soft pebble grey colour, while the interior is white. The grained wood finish adds a look of authenticity and in staying faithful to the original style of the cottage, the client chose traditional monkey handles and rectangular lead work. Additionally, the sills also replicated the look of grained wood.

Thanks to the uPVC Double Glazed windows, the entire house is quieter, warmer and more secure. The windows themselves look wonderful as well, in fact, neighbours in Thursley have remarked how much they resembled the original timber windows. They were shocked to discover that they were not, in fact, made of wood. The wood timber alternative double glazed windows were perfect for the Thursley homeowners, so much so that they intend on installing them in the back area of their cottage.

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